Jodi Enos-Berlage

My primary teaching responsibilities include Microbiology, Immunology, and Principles of Biology. 

I have also taught Advanced Topics in Microbiology, Human Biology, and Biology Internships. 

Personal Information

I have been thoroughly enjoying my teaching and research career since I arrived at Luther College in the fall of 2000. My family, the other major consumption and enjoyment in my life, includes my husband John, my daughter Josephine (10), and my sons Jackson (8), and Justin (4).

Together we operate a small farm outside of Decorah where we are caretakers of adopted cats and a dog, Jerry (age unknown), an ever-expanding chicken population, naturally-raised pigs which we direct market, and a small but personable population of dairy heifers. We also spend a fair amount of time growing, harvesting, and freezing vegetables from our garden, baling hay, and trying to split enough wood to keep us warm during the winter.

When we are not working, farming, or settling squabbles between children, we can be found hiking, canoeing, swimming, cross-country skiing, trying to hit the jump ramp on Decorah’s best sledding hills, roller skating, actively and vocally supporting Luther athletics (our main winter social activity), and settling squabbles between children. 

Highlighting our evenings are card games, puzzles, playing farm equipment, building gunships with legos, and the after-dinner read-out-loud jam session. 

We love hearing from former Luther students and babysitters!

Dr. Jodi Enos-Berlage