Luther's English students have multiple opportunities to perform.  In the Writer's Voice course, students often memorize poems and recite them formally to the class.  One year students in the January Milton class performed a mini-version readers' theater of Paradise Lost; another year they hosted a marathon reading of the whole poem (9 1/2 hours!) in the Student Union, with listeners coming and going and onlookers gawking all day long. 

Students in the Shakespeare courses regularly stage scenes of the plays and perform them for the class.  And the Shakespeare Performed class each year does several performances of a 60-minute version of a Shakespeare play to appreciative campus audiences. 

And during the two-year Luther Poetry Project, directed by the 2002-04 Jones Distinguished Professor, Carol Gilbertson, students and faculty performed poems on Friday afternoon once a month (Poems 4 Friday).  Some students collected, and sported on their backpacks, the various poetry buttons produced for each event, each containing a choice phrase from one of the performed poems. 

Check out these photos of these various events:  click on the first photo and then follow the arrows through the slideshow.

"Danger in the Garden" dramatic reading of Paradise Lost January 2003

Marathon Reading of Paradise Lost, January 2009

Shakespeare scenes

Shakespeare Performed Class Stagings

  • 2009 Spring:  Measure for Measure
  • 2010 Spring:  The Winter's Tale
  • 2010 Fall:  As You Like It

Poems 4 Friday

Caitlin Stensrud and Jill Hughes in As You Like It Fall 2010
As You Like It
As You Like It, Fall 2010