Life After Luther Events

The English Department cares about how our majors choose to spend their lives after Luther. We help students find internships to give them exposure to professional work and to help them learn career skills. We also bring in English alumni to talk about their lives, about their job search, and about how to find fulfilling work. After graduation, our alumni take off in a great variety of directions, and they come back to share how their liberal arts education—in particular, their English major—has helped them live rich and rewarding lives. 

The department has organized annual mini-conferences on careers since the mid-70s. In the past, these events have typically included a panel of recent graduates starting out in careers, a dinner, and an after-dinner speech by a graduate in mid-career. To help integrate our advising with other college support, we have also often included remarks from the director of the Luther College Career Center. To find out about the most recent of these events hosted by the department, click here.

Many current students and alumni have commented on the helpfulness of these mini-conferences. Some other academic departments have followed our leadership and have instituted their own similar programs.

Our alumni stories are as individual as the people, but listening to others' choices and challenges helps current English majors make their own choices about opportunities and career paths. We hope looking at this list of people and careers will help you think about your future.