Shakespeare Across the Curriculum

  • Art 104 "Visual Thinking" (David Kamm), November 15, 2011.  Shakespeare as an option for course Capstone Projects exploring making the past new.
  •  Art 109 “Wheel-Thrown Pottery” (George Lowe), September 21, 2011.  Student-acted scenes from Much Ado About Nothing, emphasis on “centering.” 
  • Art 110 “Handbuilding with Clay” (George Lower), September 23, 2011.  Student-acted scenes from Much Ado About Nothing, emphasis on pulling clay from the earth and shaping into forms.
  • Spanish 346 “Introduction to Literature” (David Thompson), September 29, 2011.  The Shakespeare sonnet—as preparation for reading Spanish Golden Age sonnets.
  • Theatre/Dance 322 "Production Studio" (Jeff Dintaman). Spring 2012, semester-long participation in development process for fall 2012 dance production, A Tragedy Like Macbeth.
  • German 346 "German Literary History" (Ruth Kath), March 5, 2012. Intersections between Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Gottfried Keller's Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe.
  • Spanish 346, "Introduction Study Spanish Literature" (Alonzo Estenoz), October 4, 2012. The Shakespearean Sonnet.