Course Topics

ART 103 A Foundations:Circa NOW
This course introduces students to current art trends and theoretical preoccupations. We will begin to investigate visual language, its purpose, and its cultural and historical import with an emphasis on contemporary art and critical theory that has informed art production in the last 75 years. Students will endeavor to find a place for themselves within this tradition and critically reflect on their own artistic values and concerns.

ART 251 A Survey of Western Art I
This survey course will introduce students to the different styles and functions of art from the Paleolithic period to the Gothic age, giving students the background and tools for understanding the visual culture of each period against the cultural background of their times. Attention is paid to the analysis of the art objects alongside historical texts to allow for a historical interpretation of the past.

ART 252 A Survey of Western Art II
This course introduces students to the different styles and functions of art in the Western world from Renaissance to the present day. Our approach will be selective rather than comprehensive, and therefore we will examine the major monuments and art works from 1400 to 2012. The course will be a combination of lecture and discussion, prompted by various in-class activities designed to help students critically engage the art, our readings, and the techniques of art history.

PAID 450 A Thinking Through Ethics of Art
This team-taught course explores the relationships between practices and theories of art through the lenses of philosophy and art history. We'll take a thematic approach, focusing on ethical issues in the arts, such as art and censorship, recent deaccessioning controversies, use of animals in art, eco-criticism, and problems related to the representation of women, ethnic and racial groups, and children. We'll be particularly concerned with the way that artists across time and cultures have engaged these ethical issues.

ART 362 A 19th Century Art
This course will examine the major artists and artistic movements of the 19th century. In particular we will be concerned with how artists both participated in and responded to larger cultural and historical events.

ART 379 A Art History Methods
This course will offer advanced students the opportunity to explore methods of art historical research and analysis, as well as historiography.