Preparing for a Praxis Test

It is recommended that you find out the particular Praxis test(s) you need before you check out these webinars.  Then you will have a better idea about the kind of Praxis test you will be taking.

Entrance Test Requirements: Application to TEP

Tests for Completion and Licensure

Test Preparation Webinars

ETS's free webinars deliver in-depth information and demonstrations about ETS test preparation products and services.

Learn how you can ensure success as you prepare for teacher licensure. Each live session provides attendees with the opportunity to interact and ask questions, so we encourage you to participate. View the schedule online for more information regarding the live webinars.

Scheduled Live Webinar Dates

Please note registration for a live webinar opens approximately two weeks in advance of the given date.

Prerecorded Webinars

If a live webinar date doesn’t work with your schedule, be sure to watch our new webinar video, Preparing to Take a Praxis™ Test Webinar Video, to learn about the resources from ETS that can help you prepare for the Praxis test.

Online Test Preparation Materials

The resources referenced in the webinars can be found on the ETS Praxis site.

  • First go to the Education Department website to find the test name and number of each Praxis test you are required to take.
  • Once on the site, go to “Prepare for a Test”. Use the drop-down menu to find your test. The test information page should appear.
  • On the center panel, go to “Test at a Glance”. There is much valuable information about the content of your test. This is a PDF, so you can “save” it and/or print it off. [There is no “Test at a Glance” for the Praxis Core, but the information that is in “Test at a Glance” for other Praxis tests is included in the “Study Companion”. See below.]
  • See the Study Companion for your testing area. This is a PDF that includes a "Test at a Glance" section and general information about the Praxis Core and Praxis II tests, including test preparation and test-taking tips you may find useful. Because this is a PDF, you can save it or print it off.