Testing Requirements


All Luther students must complete the Iowa testing requirements to be considered a program “completer” and therefore eligible for licensure for licensure in any state.

Luther TEP “Completer”

“Completers” of our TEP qualify for an Iowa teaching license and will find it easier to get a teaching license in another state.  [States grant a “provisional license” to all new teachers.  If the state licensure requirements include coursework not required by the Luther TEP, as a “completer” of our TEP and with a provisional license in that state, often you will have one to two years to complete those additional requirements.]

  • To be a “completer,” you must complete the testing requirements noted below.

Entrance Test Requirements
Luther College Teacher Education Program offers two options for the TEP entrance test.  MTLE or PRAXIS Core.  If you are uncertain where you plan to be a licensed teacher, choose the PRAXIS Core.

Students planning to teach in the State of Minnesota after completion of the Luther Teacher Education Program [TEP] should register for the MTLE Basic Skills test.  Luther College will accept the passing scores that are equal to the State of MN passing scores.

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) Basic Skills 

All other studentsRegistration for the Praxis Core with ETS at http://www.ets.org/praxis.  You may take this exam "when available" online at a testing center. http://www.ets.org/praxis/register?WT.ac=praxishome_register_121126  Note: The registration deadline is approximately one month BEFORE the testing date.  You must take the test at a “testing center” on a computer. You may take the Computerized PRAXIS Core only once per calendar month, and no more than 6 times within a 12-month period.

Praxis Core subject area Passing score
Reading 156
Writing 162
Math 150

Students are responsible for downloading their score reports approximately one month after the testing date.  Score reports are NOT MAILED out by ETS.

Application to TEP

A passing score report must be in your Luther Education Department student file in order to apply for the Teacher Education Program.  You must submit a PDF or hard copy of the official score report to Renee Gunderson in the Education Office.  The paperwork must show all three subtest scores. 

FYI—Important:  All students must be approved to the Teacher Education Program to register for any Education courses at the 300 or above level.

Paper-delivered Praxis tests will be offered at Luther through the 6/7/14 test date.  We are hoping to offer electronically-delivered (computer) Praxis tests beginning this summer.

Test for Completion and Licensure

AllLuther TEP completers must take the Praxis II Content Area and Pedagogy tests.

Pedagogy Tests Required for All Licensure Areas

In general, test codes that begin with "5" are delivered in computer format (CDT); codes that begin with "0" are delivered on paper (PDT).  Paper-delivered tests are being phased out.

Determine which pedagogy test you need to take.  All of you need to take just one of these tests.

  • All Elementary students must take (PLT): K-6.
  • All Secondary students must take (PLT): 7-12.
  • K-12 (music, art, HPE) may take any ONE of the three PLT tests, but we recommend (PLT): 7-12.

2/27/14—information from ETS site—information for Iowa

Pedagogy Test CDT Code/PDT Code

Qualifying Score

Before 8/1/14 

Qualifying Score

Beginning 8/1/14 

Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) : K-6 5622/0622 165 167
Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) : 5-9 5623/0623 163 166
Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) : 7-12 5624/0624 162 165

You must take this test and report the results to the Luther Education Department no later than June 15 immediately following your student teaching. We recommend you take the test early enough in your student teaching year to secure a passing score report by the time you interview for teaching positions.  

Determine which content knowledge test you need to take.  All of you need to take a content knowledge test.

  • Scroll down to find your endorsement area (e.g. “120-5-12 English/Language Arts”; “138-5-12 Health”).
  • Note: the left column is the state number and name of each endorsement; the middle column is the name and NUMBER of the required test associated with the endorsement; and the right column is the minimum score needed to be achieved. 
  • Write down the name and NUMBER of the test you must take.  You will need this when you go to the ETS site to register.  Be sure to take the test listed on our website.  There are different versions of some content knowledge tests; to be a completer of our program, you must take the test with the number on the chart below.

Be alert to the following information:

If you will be licensed to teach in more than one area, you must take a content knowledge test for each area.

  • HPE students must take the “health” and the “PE” test.  These are two separate tests.
  • Elementary take just one content knowledge test, 102-Teacher Elementary Classroom, UNLESS you are double majoring and getting licensed in that second major or unless you fall in the category noted below.
  • Elementary students getting special endorsements or academic endorsements do NOT have to take a content knowledge test for these endorsements EXCEPT if you are getting the “middle level learner” endorsement or the English Language Learner endorsement.  “Middle Level Learner” folks—please contact me for more detail before you proceed.

Content Tests Required for Specific Licensure Areas

Iowa Endorsement Numbers/Areas Praxis Content Knowledge Tests

Minimum Score

   Before          As of

   8/1/14           8/1/14

102 - Teacher Elem Classroom K-6 Elementary Ed: Content Knowledge 5014    151             152
104 - K-12 English as a Second Language English to Speakers of Other Languages 5361    140*           148*
114 - Art 5-12 (for all entry-level K-12 art teachers) Art: Content and Analysis 5135    154             157
120 - English/Language Arts 5-12 English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039    167             166
124 - French-5-12 French: World Language 5174    153             155
126 - German-5-12 German: World Language 5183    155             154
134 - Spanish-5-12 Spanish: World Language 5195    153             153
138 - Health-5-12 (for all K-12 health teachers) Health Education 5551    156             158
143 - Mathematics-5-12 Mathematics: Content Knowledge 5161    134             134
1821 – Middle School English Language Arts Middle School: English Language Arts 5047 aligned w/several ELA professional standards    164*           164*
1822 – Middle School Mathematics Middle School Mathematics 5061    165*             155*
1823 – Middle School Science Middle School Science 5440   146*             150*
1824 – Middle School Social Studies Middle School: Social Studies 5089   143*            145*

145 - Music-5-12

(K-12 music in general, instrumental, and vocal music education)

Music: Content and Instruction 5113-8/1/14

[5114 no longer is used in Iowa]



147 - Physical Education-5-12

(for all K-12 PE teachers)

Physical Education: Content and Design 5095    159             160
151 - Biology-5-12 Biology: Content Knowledge 5235    149             149
152 - Chemistry-5-12 Chemistry: Content Knowledge 5245    141             142
156 - Physics-5-12 Physics: Content Knowledge 5265    127             129
157 - American Government-5-12 Government/Political Science  5931    149             149
158 - American History-5-12 World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge 5941    147             147
159 - Anthropology-5-12 Social Sciences: Content Knowledge 5951    147             Discontinued
160 - Economics-5-12 Economics 5911    150             131
163 - Psychology-5-12 Psychology 5391    154             160
165 - Sociology-5-12 Sociology 5952                       154
166 - World History-5-12 World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge 5941    147             147
1171 - Business - All - 5-12 Business Education 5101    165             164

*These "passing scores" are found on the ets.org site, Praxis II "understanding the score." 

To go to the PRAXIS (ets.org) site, use this link: http://www.ets.org/praxis

For information about each test, at the left find “Quick Links” and go to “Prepare for the Tests.” 

  • At “Preparation Materials” at the center of the page, use the pull down menu to find the test you want.      

Verify the test by checking the list above (name and number).

  • At the site for your test, find “Study Companion (PDF).”
  • Scroll through this document.  Usually on p.11, the information specific to this test is found.

There are other links at “Preparation Materials.” Try them.

To “Register”, go to “Register for a Test” at the top of the page.  Then find, at the center of the page, “Register online for a PRAXIS test!” 

  • Follow that link.  “Sign In” or “Create Account.”

Do not leave this site until you have checked out the other links that might provide information you need, e.g. “Order score reports.” 

Remember:  A copy of your official score report is due to our Education office at Luther no later than June 15 of the school year you student taught.  Be sure we receive your subtest results as well as the composite score [send us all pages of the testing report].

If you intend to apply for a teaching license in a state other than Iowa, complete the Praxis II testing note above so that you can be documented ascompleter” of the Luther TEP.  THEN, find out the testing requirements for the state to which you want to apply for a license, too.  [Be alert to the additional requirements that state has.  See the website for that state’s teacher licensure requirements.]

If you have questions, see Jennifer Olufsen or Jeannette Pillsbury.