Introductory Portfolio - Getting Started

If you are creating your first portfolio, be sure to read “Getting Started with the Technology.”

  • You need to see Renee Gunderson in the Education department to set up your Chalk & Wire account. [Most people will have paid for this account prior to their first use of the Luther College Portfolio System.]

Creating an INTRODUCTORY Portfolio

1)    On your dashboard screen, go to “Work.”

2)    Choose “my portfolios” from the drop down menu.

3)    A box will pop up.  Do the following in the box:

  • Type the name of your portfolio.  Use “intro” or “introductory” in the title, e.g. “Dr. P’s Intro Portfolio.”
  • Then, go to the drop down menu to choose a “table of contents.”  Choose “Luther College Education Introductory Portfolio.”

4)    Clink the word “Create.”

For other information about uploading artifacts, submitting competencies, and sharing your portfolio, see these links within “Getting Started with the Technology.”

  • Working with the Competencies: Uploading Artifacts/Inputting Rationale Statements
  • Submitting Competencies for Assessment
  • Share Your Portfolio