Luther College Portfolio System: Three Portfolios in One

The Luther College Education Department Portfolio System is designed to show a candidate’s development, that is, his or her growth with respect to the InTASC standards*: from “understanding” (in the TEP classroom) to “application” in the real world context.  The “portfolio system” is based on the 10 competencies used throughout Luther College’s Teacher Education Program.  The standards were designed to articulate what teachers know, understand, and are able to do. 

The system includes three distinct portfolios that, as a package, demonstrate growth over time.  The three levels of the portfolio system include “introductory,” “developing,” and “advanced.”  The system is a gradual release model.

Initially, for the “introductory portfolio,” the faculty includes in specified courses specific activities that generate artifacts students may use to demonstrate their understanding of particular competencies.  Students are not limited to these particular activities/documents in their demonstration of understanding.

For the “developing portfolio,” candidates are expected to choose an appropriate activity/artifact to demonstrate beginning application of each competency. The “developing portfolio” includes, but is not limited to, work submitted from the “methods” clinical.

The “advanced portfolio” is the culminating part of the three-part package of the portfolio system.  The learning documented by this portfolio is “real world application.”  With this portfolio, the candidate provides evidence he or she is ready to “the teacher.”  The artifacts are generated by student teaching activities; few, if any, come from college coursework activity.

*The InTASC (the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) standards, released in 1992, is a set of standards designed to articulate what teachers know, understand, and are able to do. These standards were adopted by most states, including Iowa, and adapted by many teacher education programs as a way to summarize the outcome learning expected of teacher candidates and consequently, to assist in the definition of teacher education programs.

[A copy of the Luther Education Competencies is found in another link in this section of the Portfolio System.]