For Portfolio Evaluators: Brief Reminders

For more detail, please read the “Purpose/Overview” section for the Portfolio System.  Purpose/Overview

Ordinal Rating Scale Rubric: Ordinal Rating Scale Rubric

The rubric, an ordinal rating scale, is designed to note the development of a student as he or she progresses through the Teacher Education Program (TEP). 

·        The rubric is not a “grading” system like As, Bs, Cs…

·        The evaluation symbols for the portfolio are not relative to the particular assignment and the level of expectation for learning in the course. 

·        The portfolio system symbols (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) are relative to the standard, that is, the level of learning demonstrated by the student relative to the standard

Evaluation of each competency is based on the quality of both the artifact as a reflector of the competency and the rationale statement as a link of the artifact and competency. 

The three portfolios document a candidate’s growth over time:

1)    Introductory: initial demonstration of understanding of each competency;

2)    Developing: to beginning application of the behavior described in the competency; and

3)    Advanced: overtime application of the competency in the real world with limited direction.

  • Evidence of candidate understanding the behavior described in the competency
  • Evidence that artifact represents work that could be applied in a real world setting, but no evidence of actual application
  •  Evidence of artifact application—usually some type of reflection accompanies the artifact to document application
  • Application exceeded expectation of pre-service teacher—application at level of first year in-service teacher with some experience

Rationale Statements

A rationale statement links a particular competency and the artifact that demonstrates the teacher behavior (understanding or application) described by the competency statement. 

The ability to make the connection of competency and artifact activity represents higher level learning.  As the candidate moves through the Teacher Education Program, it is expected that the candidate will show increased understanding of and appreciation for the teacher behaviors described by the competencies.

More detail about rationale statements is found at Rationale Statements

Chalk & Wire (C & W) Technology:

If you have questions about your use of the portfolio when candidates send you competencies to be assessed or a link to an entire portfolio, see Renee Gunderson.

If a candidate has questions about C & W technology, first refer him or her to “Getting Started with Technology.” Getting Started with the Technology.  If the candidate continues to have difficulty, tell the candidate to communicate with Renee Gunderson.

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