Developing Portfolio Evaluators

The “developing portfolio” must be completed satisfactorily no later than the last day of exams in the semester the candidate completes his or her sequence of methods courses.

  • The candidate submits each competency for assessment to the professor with whom the candidate worked with respect to the artifact activity.  In most cases, this professor will be the methods professor.
  • No later than the last day of exams, earlier if the methods professor chooses an earlier date, the candidate must share a link with the methods professor so the methods professor can review and evaluate the entire portfolio.  At this time, the candidate also shares the link with the assessment coordinator.

The methods professor will give the candidate feedback to guide the candidate as he or she anticipates student teaching and the “advanced portfolio.”  Occasionally another professor, most likely the assessment coordinator, will review a candidate’s developing portfolio and document its satisfactory completion.

Before June 1, the evaluating professor will send to the assessment coordinator a list of the candidates whose developing portfolio is satisfactory and a list of candidate whose portfolios are not yet satisfactory.  The assessment coordinator and/or the methods professor will work with these candidates until they satisfactorily complete their developing portfolio.

The satisfactory completion of the “developing portfolio” is a prerequisite for student teaching.  A candidate will not be allowed to begin student teaching without the documented completion of this portfolio.  In such instances, the field placement officer will notify the cooperating teacher of the delayed start for student teaching.