Students in the Luther College Teacher Education Program need to submit a petition for anything "outside" the normal requirements to be eligible for licensure.

Examples of what would require a petition are:

  • Course substitution
  • Taking a practicum at an alternative time
  • Taking a course out of sequence
  • Requesting to live on campus during the student teaching semester

The petition is written, edited and reviewed by the student before submission to Jennifer Lynne Olufsen. The petition is written in the format of a formal letter to the Education Department.  Students may request several items with one petition. However, they should be itemized in the petition and will be reviewed separately. Applicable course descriptions/syllabi should be included when the petition is submitted. In the case of a course by arrangement, students should discuss the arrangement with the professor before submitting the petition. Advisors must review the petition before it is submitted.

Note: Petitions must be submitted and approved before tickets are purchased, or activities/outside commitments are planned.

Also, The petition must be accompanied by the Petition Cover/Tracking Sheet. The Department meets one time per month and petitions must be turned in by a specific deadline to be considered:

September 15
October 15
November 15
December 1
No petitions are reviewed in January
February 15
March 15
April 15
May 1
No petitions are considered after May 1