If you complete all the requirements of the Luther College Teacher Education Program (TEP) for the areas of teaching you wish to be licensed, you will be a “completer” of our TEP and entitled to an Iowa teaching license when you submit the application for Iowa licensure.

Each state has its own licensure requirements. These rules and regulations are constantly being reviewed, revised, and updated. We do our best to keep up with the requirements in the states that border Iowa, but only Iowa alerts us to changes in its rules and requirements. Both teachers and students must keep looking at the state websites to learn about the changes.

So far, when our “completers” have passed the particular licensure test(s) the state requires, all have been granted a “provisional” or “initial” license in the states to which they have applied for licensure, even if there was a course or two required by the state our “completers” had not yet taken. Persons with “provisional” or “initial” licenses usually have at least a year to complete the additional requirements.

Currently, states are changing and increasing requirements frequently. We encourage you to be alert to the licensure requirements in the state(s) in which you wish to teach. This is the student's responsibility. In addition to Iowa, we do our best to be alert to requirements in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Colorado.

  • At each of these links above, you will find a link to the state’s teacher licensure website. 
  • In addition, you will find guidance from us regarding the additional coursework required by the state. In many cases, Luther College offers at least a few of the courses needed.
  • If the state requires a test(s) other than the two Praxis II tests our TEP requires to be a “completer” of our program, we have included information for that state’s test(s).

It is the student's responsibility to bring this information to their Education advisor (from the state’s website and the guidance we offer) so you can plan your Luther program to meet as many of these requirements as possible. The Education faculty cannot automatically plan for the additions needed and we cannot be responsible for making the student meet the licensure requirements for a state other than Iowa, but we can help students get as close as possible to meeting the additional requirements by working together.

To find information for a state not listed above, Google: Teacher Licensure [Name of State].  Bring this information to your advisor to determine how to plan your program to meet as many as possible of the state’s expectations.


For information on Iowa’s requirements, see the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners site.

For the testing requirements required to be a completer of Luther’s program, go to Testing Requirements on our website.

Note: “Reading in the Content Area”: EDUC 278/EDUC 378 is required of all our Education majors and minors. Secondary and K-12 Education minors are encouraged to complete a “Reading in the Content Area” practicum during student teaching, too.