J-term EDUC 185/215

J-TERM EDUC 185/215 Exploratory Practicum in Area Schools

This introductory practicum is very early in the program so students have the opportunity to “try on teaching.” In this experience, students work with one teacher for a three-to-four-week term in January. The experience focuses on observation and reflection, and offers opportunities for beginning teaching practice. Students journal with their professors regularly during the practicum, and meet in seminars on campus to share their experiences.

There will be a one day orientation on the first Monday in January.  That first week they will be in the classroom Tuesday - Thursday.  After that, the student will be in the classroom Mondays - Thursdays.  They will be observing, assisting, tutoring, teaching small groups, and perhaps even teaching a few whole group lessons.

On Fridays, the students will be at Luther in a seminar to process their experiences with the guidance of their seminar leader, a faculty member in the education department. 

Students taking this course in January must complete the on-line application below by October 1 of the previous semester.

There is a $125 course fee assessed to all students registered for EDUC 185 and EDUC 215. This course fee covers transportation, background checks, and other administrative fees associated with this course. 

DCI Criminal History Background Check

Iowa schools are requiring all adults who work in their schools, in any capacity, to be able to prove that they have been screened by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation for any history of criminal behavior. This background check will need to be completed on a yearly basis.

Luther College is not responsible for students who are denied access to agencies requiring proof of a background check prior to working with their children.

J-term 185/215 On-line Application
(This link is no longer active.  See Jennifer Olufsen in Koren 115 as soon as possible if you want to apply.)

J-Term Evaluation of Student (to be completed by cooperating teacher)

 EDUC 185/215 Student Feedback for Cooperating Teacher Placement (to be completed by student)