Pedro Dos Santos

Study Abroad Panel

Pedro dos Santos is an Assistant Professor at Luther College, teaching classes in Political Science and International Studies. His research focus is Latin America, with a special interest in Brazilian politics. Recently Dr. dos Santos has been working especially on the issue of women's political representation in Brazil.

Outside the classroom, he enjoys playing basketball (including the famous 6:00 a.m. Morning Ball), watching basketball (especially the Bulls and the Jayhawks), and following any event featuring a Brazilian. He also likes hiking and discovering all that Northeast Iowa has to offer with his wife, their daughter, and their two dogs.

Dr. dos Santos has a podcast called Here, where he interviews faculty, staff, and students about their lives, focusing on how they got to Luther College.

You can also find Dr. dos Santos' profiles on Plataforma Lattes (Brazilian Database of Academic CVs) LinkedIn, Research Gate,