Ricoh Sustainability Information

Sustainability at the Luther College Document Center.


We have a large shredder available for students, faculty, and staff in the Document Center, located on the ground floor of the Main Building. Our hours are Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Stop in during our regular business hours for this new self-service benefit provided to you by Luther College. Paper shredded will be recycled.

Paper for Purchase

Did you know that over 90 percent of the paper sold in the Document Center contains recycled content? Our standard 20# white paper contains 50 percent post-consumer content. This is the same paper used in the LIS labs across campus. Most of the colored paper purchased also contains 10 to 30 percent recycled content.

Toner Recycling

There are two locations on campus for recycling toner and ink jet containers. One is the Document Center and the other is at the Preus Library (Patty Livingood’s office). All materials are shipped to a partner of a Ricoh Company. They are recycled or disposed of properly.

Why recycle toner containers?

Ricoh News

Ricoh Helping to Lead the Way to Zero Impact Growth

Tokyo, 13 August 2012 — Ricoh has been recognized by global consulting firm Deloitte as one of the top global organizations ready for a "green and inclusive economy". Deloitte researched the sustainability activities of 65 leading companies in 10 industries, for its first "Zero Impact Growth Monitor 2012". Only 6 companies, less than 10 per cent from the total sample, reached a level on which they are ready to take radical steps to transform their industries towards a "green economy". The report highlights that the majority of the companies are still vague about their strategic growth ambition.

Ricoh is identified as reaching the Ecosystem level of sustainable business, joined by Puma, Nike, Nestle, Unilever and Natura. This means it is recognized as one of the pioneering companies that have set measurable and ambitious mid- to long-term targets beyond 2020. It has also embedded its sub-policies in a holistic strategic vision of its attempt to minimize its negative environmental and societal impacts. Furthermore a business in the Ecosystem level is in the process of establishing sustainable business ecosystems and creating truly shared value by also involving its suppliers and other stakeholders in its actions.

Ricoh has also set long term reduction targets to 2050, whereby, the Ricoh Group is committed to reducing the total lifecycle CO2 emissions from FY2000 level by 87.5 percent

In addition Ricoh's ethos to go beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements is highlighted by its unique Eco-boards in London, New York and Sydney. The objectives of these billboards are to communicate a message that prompts environmental awareness among the public and to encourage everyone to take a step towards a sustainable society. Each relies on natural energy to illuminate. If there is insufficient solar power, the sign may not light up, which is an eventuality Ricoh readily accepts in order to deliver its message. 

Ricoh Group's commitment to a sustainable society

Ricoh Billboard

Times Square's First 100 Percent Solar Powered Billboard




Ricoh Equipment Demanufacturing

Ricoh's goal is to keep 100 percent of their copier fleet out of landfills. Their video provides more information about equipment demanufacturing.

Ricoh Moves Towards a Closed Water System for Toner Manufacturing

"Next-generation water treatment technology developed by applying REO Research Institute’s ozone micro-nano bubble technology that can purify waste water from the polymerized toner production process. Water treated through this technology can be reused in the production process, thus providing a closed water recycling system."

Download the full article (PDF).

Visit the Ricoh website for more information.