Student Outreach Assistant


  1. Increase the number and quality of contacts with new LDC students as part of the Center’s overall retention initiative.
  2. Connect new students with each other, to the other students and encourage their involvement with the Center and the other campus resources.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist with the orientation activities of new international students
  • Connect with the new US students of color to ensure that they are welcomed and invited to the new student dinner
  • Be available and willing to listen to new student concerns and be able to advise appropriately.    
  • Inform the professional staff of problems and concerns that are likely to impact students’ success and retention.
  • Ensure that students are informed about the events that are planned for them and encourage them to participate.
  • Visit with each student at least twice during the first month and at least once per month during the first semester & follow up with email, phone or visit to find out well they are adjusting.
  • Collaborate with the team to plan activities that encourage LDC students to get to know each other.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Centre and its affiliated student groups to which you are assigned
  • Share the driving responsibilities of the Center
  • Complete the online bi-weekly reports
  • Attend training sessions and meetings as appropriate
  • Attend LDC events

Other Responsibilities

  • Staff the Center’s table during the Admissions’ fairs
  • Assist with planning of signature events
  • Perform general office duties


  • Member of the sophomore class or above
  • Comfortable with and able to work across cultural differences
  • Be a Luther certified driver and live in the residence halls
  • Good oral, written and organizational skills
  • Ability to work as part of the team and keep information confidential