What's a Touchpoint?

A program sponsored by the Luther Diversity Center and several co-sponsors. A fun, informational session or workshop to add to your toolbox for success at Luther and in the wider world.

Why should I go? 

Well, to add to your knowledge...and take home some free food or prizes…and have your name placed in a drawing for a free iPad! 

How do I win the iPad? 

Attend four Touchpoints during the 2013-2014 school year to be eligible to be in the drawing for the iPad.  

Fall 2014 Touchpoints


Thursday, September 18

Ross Szabo, Beyond Happy Faces

7:00—8:00 pm,

No sign up—see Amy after the event


Sunday, September 21

Learn to Canoe at Lake Meyer (limit 11)

2:00 pm—Sign up in the Diversity Center (LDC)


Thursday, October 2, OR November 6

ZOTERO: Managing Your Research Resources

Sponsored by LIS

7:00 pm , Hovde Lounge, Library


Tuesday, October 7th

Online Banking

Sponsored by Decorah Bank & Trust

9:35 am, Main 113

Sign up in the LDC - Sign up for internet banking before the workshop and bring bank account info with you!


Tuesday, October 7, OR November 11

How to Leverage LinkedIn

Sponsored by Luther Career Center & LIS

9:40 am, OR 7:30 pm no sign up

Hovde Lounge, Library


Tuesday, October 14

Planning Your Internship

Sponsored by Luther Career Center

9:40 am, Career Center Library

NOTE: See Oct. 16 for Internships for International


Thursday, October 16

Internships and Employment for Internationals

Sponsored by LDC & Luther Career Center

6:30 pm, Borlaug Room, Union, Sign up in LDC


Monday, October 20

Hike at Effigy Mounds National Monument

9 :00 am—5:00 pm

Sign up in the LDC


Saturday, November 8

F-1 Visa Jeopardy

Sponsored by Center for Global Learning

7:00 pm, CFA 217

Put together your team of 4-6 players.

Winners receive a Koreana sushi night!