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Dominick Butts-Gonzalez('14) and Curtis Burchfield ('14)

Conversations With Sheila: Make a Difference that Counts

Make a Difference that Counts—September, 2014

Hi, my name is Sheila Radford-Hill and I’m the Executive Director of the Luther Diversity Center (LDC).  Conversations with Sheila started in 2003 with our predecessor newsletter titled Synergy.  As the feature article in Diversity Today, our latest monthly newsletter, Conversations shares information and promotes the Diversity Center programs, activities, and events.  Our first big event is the LDC Welcome Dinner on September 10th stop in to sign-up at the LDC.

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Flags at Commencement.

Conversations With Sheila: Graduation

This is the last issue of Diversity Today for this academic year. I’m proud of our Publications Team including, Catherine Dyer (Publications), Jake Dyer (LDC), Dominick Butts-Gonzalez (LDC), Chukwuderah Egbuna (LDC). The team worked hard to produce a quality publication. Dominick, our graphic design specialist is leaving the team because he graduates in a few weeks. 

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Diversity Center Popcorn

Conversations with Sheila: Stress

After Spring Break, the stress levels on campus that were at a fever pitch before break; go down--for a day or two, then they seem to increase 100 fold. Senior papers remind us that we don’t like editing and endnotes. Our Paideia I research papers drag on and that upcoming presentation or group project is starting to siphon the joy out of other classes. Members of the faculty realize the things that have to be accomplished before the end of the semester and cringe. Staff members feel the stress of having to get things done, no excuses.

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Ethnic Arts 2013

Conversations with Sheila: Women's History Month

Before I begin this month’s Conversations, I want to thank everyone who made Street Culture such a fabulous Ethnic Arts event! The country tables were exciting, the food scrumptious and the talent superb. Thanks also to the Oneota Film Festival for bringing such amazing films to our community and for being such great partners in marketing both events.

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Black History Symposium

Conversations with Sheila: Black History Symposium

Welcome back to campus from your various travels! For those of you who were here for J-Term, I hope it was a really good experience. I teach during J-Term and I love connecting with students so I always have a good time despite the cold weather.

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The table with the Kwanzaa symbols-Kinara, Mazao, Mkeka, Muhindi, Mishumaa Saba, Kikombe cha Umoja

Conversations with Sheila: Christmas, Year-end thoughts

What a busy season! This issue includes year-end thoughts and reminders for J-Break and the start of spring semester.  First, finish strong! Take your learning to the next level and leave your professor with a very favorable impression of you.   Push yourself to get you best grades of the semester. Then, enjoy Christmas break.

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