Other Sustainable Initiatives

Reusable Cup Discount

When you bring your own coffee mug or other reusable cup to our dining locations, you receive a discount on your beverage!

Reuse-a-Bowl Program

In Oneota Market, the salad bar is one of the most popular lunch choices. By paying a one-time fee, you can get a reusable container to use for the salad bar. Each time you come back, trade your dirty container in for a clean one. We'll wash the one you brought back and give it to someone else!


We are committed to reusing our resources and creating new enegry forms. From this stemmed Sustainability's Biodiesel program. The Luther College Cafeteria even benefits from this program! We convert our used fryer oil into biodiesel fuel for vehicles on campus to use. For more information, go to: Sustainability: Biodiesel