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Meal Plans

Choosing a Plan

All students living on campus are automatically on full board (19 meals per week and $200.00 DD) at the beginning of each semester. If full board is not preferred, on-campus students have 10 days at the beginning of each semester to switch their full board plan to one of the alternative meal plans below.

At the beginning of J-term, the plans go back to full board for spring semester. Again, during the beginning of the spring semester, students will be able to change their meal plan to one of the other options. As schedules change from semester to semester, students can choose a meal plan that works best for them.

Dining Dollars can be used anywhere that you can buy food on campus: Marty's, Oneota Market, Sunnyside Cafe, the C-Store, Nordic Brew, Peace Brunch and the cafeteria. Unused meals and Dining Dollars cannot be refunded. You may purchase additional Dining Dollars to add to any plan, at any time during the year, by filling out the Dining Dollars Order Form.

View On-Campus and Off-Campus to select a meal plan and see more information.

  • Dining Dollars

    Information about dining dollars and how to purchase more.
  • On-Campus Meal Plans

    Students at Luther have the option of choosing from a number of different meal plans that will fit their schedule or preferences. View different options!
  • Off-Campus Meal Plans

    list of off campus options
  • Add a Block of 20 Meals

    Fill out the form here to add a block of 20 meals for $180.
  • J-Term 2014

    Information on meal plans during J-Term 2014
  • J-Term Nursing Student Meal Plan

    Place where nursing students who are in Rochester during the regular semester can get a meal plan for and on campus J-Term.
  • J-Term To-Go Meals

    Students that need to-go meals during J-Term are able to submit an order for their meals for each week.
  • Norse Grocery Program

    Use dining dollars to purchase items like uncooked pasta, fresh produce, homemade sauces, raw meat and eggs to use for your own cooking purposes.
  • Carry-Out Meals

    Look here for information on sack lunches and group picnics.
  • Summer Meal Plans

    A variety of meal plans are available to students who live on campus for the summer. Students should contact the Dining Services office (x1030) for prices and additional information.