Luther College "strive(s) to be a community where students, faculty, and staff are enlivened and transformed by encounters with one another, by the exchange of ideas, and by the life of faith and learning." The free exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge is a cornerstone upon which our society is built, and Luther is committed to supporting copyright of intellectual property as a means to enable the ongoing sharing of ideas, information and knowledge. We support, encourage, and empower our community to make their creative and intellectual work available to the world through open access to foster collaboration and knowledge-building. As a community, we also work to respect the intellectual property ownership rights of others as we teach and learn. Luther is committed to informing our community members of their rights and responsibilities under United States Copyright Law, and providing the tools to allow our faculty, students, and staff to make educated decisions regarding their license and use of copyrighted works.

This website serves as an educational tool to assist our community in making informed decisions about their use of copyrighted materials in their academic and administrative work.