Presentation Order

Olin 102: 1pm session

Fantasy Football: Friendly Interaction or Serious Competition?
Maria Ellingson

A Good Guy with a Gun, a Bad Guy with a Gun, and Stigma: A Semiotic Analysis of the NRA's Response to the Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary
Kelsey Engbrecht

That’s Girl Code: An Analysis of the MTV Show Girl Code
Kelsey Gunderson

"Financial Dependence and Relational Communication Patterns in the Parent-Child Relationship During College"
Meghan Kaufenberg

Olin 102: 2pm session

DOCUMERICA: Negotiating Public Identity Through Photography 
Megan Kresse

An Analysis of Masculinity in The Wire Using Ideological Criticism
Brock Laue

The Gaza-Israel Conflict: U.S. Media Representations of Israelis and Palestinians in 2012
Lauren Meintsma

Train of silence: Males and eating disorders
Isaac Skelton