Homecoming Reunion 2014

Welcome Home, Composers!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of PJ's arrival at Luther College, the composition studio is hosting a number of events throughout homecoming weekend - many of which afford opportunities for Luther composition alumni to hear their work performed at Luther.

Thursday, 10/9:
Music in the Shape of a Pear concert, featuring music by Luther alumni

Friday, 10/10:
Reception at Rubaiyat Restaurant, 9 pm (snacks provided, cash bar)

Saturday, 10/11:
Open rehearsal and recording session, 1-3 pm

Sunday, 10/12:
Organ and choral works presented as part of Sunday worship on campus 

This homecoming will also feature a commission for a new work for band by a Luther alum, which will premiered during the afternoon concert by the Luther College Concert Band.  

Information regarding submission details is listed below:

For Band Submissions

-A proposal and one page of music are due by May 15th, 2014. Please e-mail brooke.joyce@luther.edu for more instructions on what and how to submit

-Winner will be chosen by June 1st

-Final score and parts due by August 15th


For Organ, Choral and MITSOAP* concert submissions:

-Scores are due by July 1st, 2014 and should be submitted in PDF format (no recordings are necessary). Organ and choral works should be shorter (3 minutes) and suitable for a worship service

-Winners will be chosen by August 1st

-Final scores (with possible revisions) will be due by August 15th


For Rehearsal/Recording Session Submissions:*

-Drafts are due by August 15th, 2014 and should be submitted in PDF form

-Works will be chosen by September 1st

-Final copies of parts will be due by October 1st

For more information or to submit a piece for the MITSOAP concert, rehearsal/recording session, organ, choral or band work, please contact Brooke (brooke.joyce@luther.edu

*Please note shorter works for fewer players are more easily considered for this opportunity.