The study of classics is excellent preparation for any number of fields. Classics graduates have pursued careers and graduate studies in many areas, including music, computer science, foreign languages, theology, education, medicine, law, and business.

Jeff Emerson ’13

Jeff EmersonMy connection to the Classics department began when I took a class on underwater archaeology, taught by Prof. Dan Davis. This led directly to an internship with the Nautilus Exploration Program, during which I worked side-by-side with Dr. Davis and an interdisciplinary team of archaeologists, marine biologists, geochemists, and robotics engineers searching for ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea. With my experiences in Classics, Anthropology and Chemistry I assisted the survey team, assessed the cultural and historical aspects of shipwrecks, and assisted the lead scientist with geochemical research of the Black Sea’s stratified water column and the underlying sediments.

This investigation turned into the core research for my senior capstone project in chemistry. We recovered sediment cores from the seafloor and later conducted elemental analyses at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography in order to better understand the chemical processes within the water column and sediments, and how they influence the deterioration or preservation of archaeological artifacts left in situ. This experience has allowed me to pursue my dual interests in chemistry and classical archaeology, but I would not have had this amazing opportunity had I limited myself to just my major departments of Anthropology and Chemistry. I plan on furthering education in a combination of these fields, possibly in oceanography or archaeometry.

Anna Looft '12

Anna LooftI graduated from Luther in 2012 with a triple major in Classics, English, and Religion. I had developed a passion for Latin in high school and knew I wanted to continue with this language in college. Thanks to the incredible professors in the Classics department who were willing to embark on multiple independent studies with me, I was able to pursue my love for ancient languages, history, and culture in addition to completing my other two majors.

I am now in my second semester at Harvard Divinity School where I am completing the two-year Master of Theological Studies program. Given my impeccable training at Luther, I successfully passed the required language examination in Latin early last fall. After finishing my Master's, I hope to begin a doctoral program focusing on women and gender studies, as well as comparative studies between Christianity and Islam. 

Joe Thor '12

Joe ThorI plan on attending graduate school for a Ph.D. in classical archaeology. I am applying to the University of Michigan, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania among others. Luther's Classic program offered me a great opportunity to work closely with experts in the fields of Latin, Greek and Archaeology; including a summer abroad on board the E/V Nautilus searching for shipwrecks in the Black Sea.