Class of 2012 Fall Letter

Fall 2012

Hi Friends and Classmates,

This is Mallory (and Katie) and we have the unique pleasure of being both roommates and two of your four class agents!

We sat down to start this letter with rain pouring outside of our apartment in Madison, Wis., and I can’t help but reflect on my journey to get here.  Less than six months ago we all walked across the graduation stage on a beautiful sunny day in our ceremonial move to adulthood.  Can you believe it? Think back on your past six months, do they even seem real? I am still baffled at how fast the months and seasons seem to change. 

My address change to Madison occurred recently, following a three-month fellowship at a health center in Las Salinas, Nicaragua.  I was living in the third house past the pharmacy in this tiny rural community, but it felt like home.  In my fast transition back to the United States, it happened that my first weekend stateside would coincide with Luther homecoming. How lucky am I? Although I was leaving a new home to return for work at Epic, it also meant that I could return to our home, Luther College.  Driving into Decorah as the fall colors painted the trees, I was in complete shock; I was returning for my FIRST alumni event.  We are alumni.

A similar degree of disbelief hit me at homecoming when I learned about how far and wide our classmates have journeyed into the world.  From Decorah to Korea, 96 percent of our classmates have found jobs, graduate programs, internships, or volunteer positions.  Well done, class of 2012.

Now back to the first paragraph exercise. As a first-year, did you see these past six months coming?  That’s a resounding no from me.  This less-than-tech-savvy lady can remember walking up to the LIS Help Disk equipped with my brick phone and a confused face, just hoping someone would/could connect my laptop to the Luther network.  Now, Mallory and I (along with an abundance of Luther alumni) find ourselves working for an electronic health record company.  Laughable? Perhaps. Ironic? Indubitably. However, it is a perfect example of the utility of the liberal arts education Luther provides for its students.

Even as we split and spread in all different directions, accidental emails in our good ole Luther accounts still serve as reminders of the activities, clubs, and sports of our not-so-distant past. Be it nostalgia, a blast of fond memories, or a refusal to grow up, those emails remind us of our home for the past four years.

For some of us, the future is far from certain.  Others are settling into lifelong careers.  Regardless of what the next steps hold for each of us, we hope Luther stays a part of your plan.  Thanks to those who have already given back to the institution that gave us our start.  To those who haven’t, we encourage you to consider joining us in making a gift

Thanks again, stay in touch, and take care!

Your class agents,

Katie Carnes
2012 Class Agent
[email protected]

Mallory Heinzeroth
2012 Class Agent
[email protected]

Class Notes
JACOB BARKER teaches vocal music at Amos Hiatt Middle School.

STEPHANIE DREWES is the head girls swimming and diving coach for Decorah High School.

LAUREN GRIFFIN was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Montenegro.

AUGIE LINDMARK was inspired to help spread medical training to foreign counties in need because of a sociology course he took his junior year. He took his quest to a new level by being chosen to bike in the 2012 Ride Against AIDS. The trip will take him from San Francisco to Boston—about 4,000 miles over 68 days. While biking, he and 19 others will be raising nearly $100,000 for AIDS research and treatment.

MANDIE MICKELSON is an applications specialist at LSS Data System in Hopkins, Minn.

AMY SANDAGER is a volunteer with the Teach and Learn with Georgia program, sponsored by the Republic of Georgia’s Ministry of Education and Science. She is also a freelance writer and guest contributor to Georgia’s “Teach and Learn” blog in Gurjaani, Republic of Georgia.

AMY WILSON is a physical therapy technician at Sport and Spine Physical Therapy of Winona, Minn.

EMILY ADAMS and Aren King, May 27, 2012
JENN WINDER and BEN KOST, June 2, 2012



Rick and Judy at Senior SendOff