Class of 2006 Fall Letter

Fall 2012

Dear Classmates:

I hope this letter finds you all enjoying a beautiful fall day wherever you are. It is mid-October as I write this, and I still don’t need a jacket here in Madison! Even as I say that, though, I am already looking forward to everything winter brings, especially Christmas at Luther. I was impressed that Luther isn’t afraid of change, moving to an online ordering system. Haven’t heard yet if I got tickets…but one can only hope!

I visited my fiancé’s college this past weekend while we attended his reunion, and immediately I understood why he loved it there – it reminded me of Luther. There is just something about a small college where everyone smiles at each other, even while sitting in the pouring rain at a football game. I was impressed by that my very first visit to Luther, and I felt that same friendliness and warmth even though it was my first visit to his college. Between the two of us, we are so grateful to have had such wonderful college experiences, and we talk often about how much it shaped us in a positive way at that time in our lives.

As we have all traveled on different paths since college, I am so happy and proud that many of us continue to return to Luther for events like Christmas at Luther and Homecoming, and I still feel that Luther is strong part of my identity. I also love reading through everyone’s updates about careers, degrees, marriages, children, and other accomplishments of our classmates – what a wonderful class to be a part of. Take a look at the attached class notes, and remember to update your information online in the alumni directory – we all would love to hear how you are doing!

Our class continues to be such a generous and giving class – I am humbled to be a part of a class that gives so much back to Luther. Let’s continue that, and if you have not been able to give before, consider starting now. It’s never too late! All gifts make a difference in helping Luther continue to be the wonderful place and experience we’ll all remember for years to come.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and a blessed new year!

Jamie Sue Schultz
2006 Class Agent
[email protected]      

Chris Bellinder
2006 Class Agent
[email protected]

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Please note: Your Spring 2013 class agent letter will include a listing of your classmates who gave to Luther during 2012.  Be sure to make your gift before December 31 to be included.

*as of October 18, 2012

ANDREW BAKEHOUSE is a technical assistant at Colorado Heights University in Denver.

ABBY BALLAIN is a senior consultant at Nordic Consulting Partners in Madison, Wis.

ERIN (GALLAGHER) BELLINDER earned a master’s degree in special education and music therapy from the University of South Carolina. She is a preschool teacher for conductive education at the Therapy Place in Columbia, S.C.

ADAM BOHACH won the Hy-Vee Amateur Division Race at the Hy-Vee Triathlon last September in Des Moines.

ANNA BOLZ is a pastry sous chef at Per Se Restaurant in New York City.

JAKE BOUMA was featured in a May 27, 2012, Des Moines Register story for his work producing a feature-length documentary film sharing his Hodgkin lymphoma discovery and recovery. Bouma hopes the film, when completed, will help others with cancer and their families to know what to expect from cancer treatment and its side effects, and that they are not going through the process alone. Jake is director of youth and family ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Clive, Iowa.

KRISTY (STROM) CARMODY was named one of the top ten nurses for 2011 at Allen Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa.

TANIA CONNOLLY is a special education teacher at Richfield (Minn.) Public Schools.

JONATHAN CURRY is a digital marketing consultant at Tri State Media Solutions in Platteville, Wis.

JANICE (SUMMERFIELD) and JEREMY DUNCAN live in Reisterstown, Md. Jeremy earned a doctorate in neurobiology from the University of Iowa and is a post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore.

MEGAN (MANTHEY) ’07 and ERIC ELLINGSON live in St. Paul, Minn. Eric is an emergency medicine resident at Regions Hospital.

JENNA (ZIEMS) ELMBERG is a critical care registered nurse at Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Eau Claire, Wis.

SOCRATES GARCIA is a music instructor and interim director of music technology at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

MARITA HERKERT-OAKLAND is a legislative analyst at the Wisconsin Legislative Bureau in Madison.

PETER ILTEN earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Minnesota. He teaches seventh-grade English at Southwest Junior High School in Forest Lake, Minn.

ANDREA (CRAVEN) INGALSBE earned a master’s degree in music from Kansas State University.

SPENCER JONES is a research associate at Pioneer Hi-Bred International in Des Moines.

KATIE (STRIEGEL) JOSEPHSON is a Chinese medicine practitioner at Acupuncture One Wellness Center in Westlake Village, Calif.

BRITTANY KALLMAN ARNESON earned a master’s degree in English from the University of St. Thomas and is a graduate writing consultant at the university.

KELLI (ANDRE) KELLERHALS earned a master’s degree in historic preservation from Ball State University. She is an architectural historian with 106 Group, Ltd., In St. Paul, Minn.

MEGAN (FINNEGAN) and NICK KELLEY live in Bloomington, Minn. Megan earned an MBA degree from Minnesota State University-Mankato; she is manager of fund administration for La Crosse Global Fund Services. Nick is a 2012 fellow in the Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity initiative at the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

SUZANNE KOCKLER teaches middle-school choir and general music at Northwood Middle School in Woodstock, Ill.

TIMO MECHLER earned a master’s degree in business administration from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. He is an associate and research analyst at Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy in Stamford, Conn.

MICHELLE MONSON is a financial consultant with Thrivent Financial in Edina, Minn.

AARON MURPHY co-owns the Early Bird coffee shop in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

ANNA (NORBY) OKRAH is a learning catalyst at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, N.C.

LAURA (SCHUURMAN) RASMUSSEN earned a master’s degree in Montessori education from St. Catherine University. She is an upper elementary teacher at Rochester (Minn.) Montessori School.

ERIN (HOKANSON) ’08 and MATT ROLING live in Madison, Wis. Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in civil (structural) engineering from Iowa State University.

LAURA SCHNACK is assistant director of residence life at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala.

MAGGIE SCHNEIDER is a graduate student in the Mount Royal School of Art MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.

ASHLEY (MEYER) SIRES is a special education teacher at Dunkerton (Iowa) Elementary School.

JOHN STILL, KATIE LANE, and ANA ELIASON ’05 all graduated from St. Thomas University with master’s degrees in the Leadership Affairs program.

KRISTIN (SOLVERSON) SYMES is middle school director of choirs at the Singapore American School. She sings soprano leads with the Singapore Lyric Opera and OperaViva companies, is a soprano soloist for Mass, and works with the Singapore Lyric Opera Orchestra.

LAURA TONKIN earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University. She is a resident in small-animal internal medicine at Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Lafayette, Ind.

ANDREA (TRIMBLE) TUOMI works in business administration at Liberty Resources, LLC, in Denver.

CHRISTINA (ALDERSON) VANDERBEEK earned a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and school counseling from Adams State College. She is coordinator for Hope for Eternity Christian Counseling in Alamosa, Colo.

KATIE (SAUTER) WILLIAMS is a client services analyst at ProfitStars in Omaha, Neb.

ZACH ZUBOW earned a doctorate in music composition from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. He is a lecturer at Coe College and Cornell College.

SAM ZUMDAHL of Woodbury, Minn., is senior fitness coordinator at the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities.

CELINA (BORTZ) and Eric Alvin welcomed twin sons, Benjamin and Caleb, in September 2010.           

RACHEL (WINWOOD) and KEITH BECKER '05 welcomed a son, Reid, in December 2011.  Reid joins brother Owen.

SARAH (TWEDT) and JONATHAN CARLSON '07 welcomed a son, Knute, in April 2012.  Knute joins sister Kennedy.

JANICE (SUMMERFIELD) and JEREMY DUNCAN welcomed a son, Campbell, in April 2011.  Campbell joins sister Mckenzie.

JENNA (MOCKLER) and RYAN GJERDE '99 welcomed a son, Thomas, in March 2012.          

JENNY (JEFFERSON) '07 and HANS GUSTAF welcomed a son, Nolan, in November 2011.     

ALLISON (KRUGER) '07 and DANIEL HERMAN welcomed a daughter, Olivia, in November 2011.

EMMA (HATCHER) and ANDY HOEGH welcomed a daughter, Eleanor, in May 2012.

TANIA CONNOLLY and Michael Hultengren welcomed a daughter, Rylin, in January 2012.    

ANDREA (CRAVEN) and Scott Ingalsbe welcomed a daughter, Camille, in February 2012.      

Alicia and SPENCER JONES welcomed a son, Liam, in September 2011.          

AMY (LEIN) and Chris Loker welcomed a daughter, Aria, in December 2011.   

JULIA YOUNG and Armando Martinez welcomed a son, Ayden, in December 2011.    

KRISTIN (SOLVERSON) and Josh Symes welcomed a daughter, Lucy, in September 2011.      

KELLY (SCHEMA) and ALEX THORESON welcomed a daughter, Madelyn, in August 2011.  

CHRISTINA (ALDERSON) and Grant Vanderbeek welcomed a son, Micah, in April 2011.  Micah joins sister Aliyah and brother Christian.

KATIE (SAUTER) and KRIS WILLIAMS welcomed a son, Levi, in October 2011.  Levi joins brother Grayson.

Lauren and ZACH ZUBOW welcomed a daughter, Adelaide, in October 2011.  

NICK BANNON and Katie Potter, March 26, 2011
JEFF BECK and KASSIE PETERMANN '07, Oct. 1, 2011
JAKE BOUMA and Libby Lennon, May 14, 2011
KRISTY STROM and Tom Carmody, Sept. 10, 2011
JEN MILLER MEYER and Brian Donovan, Aug. 12, 2011
ELENA VOLOSHYNOVA and Loren Phillips, June 25, 2011
LAURA SCHUURMAN and Ed Rasmussen, July 8, 2011
STACY GREENE and Eric Loneman, June 9, 2012
ASHLEY MEYER and Adam Sires, April 16, 2011
KARL SWENSON and SARAH MURRELL '07, Aug. 6, 2011
ANDEE TRIMBLE and Michael Tuomi, July 30, 2011
CHRISTINA ALDERSON and Grant Vanderbeek, Feb. 11, 2010                              

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