Class of 1988 Spring Letter

Spring 2012

Dear Classmates –

As you’ve maybe already done or will soon do, my husband and I have started the college search with our oldest son.  My, the time flies.  This process sure makes you think about your own college experience.  Dave and I loved our time at Luther so much that we hope to find the perfect college for our son also.

It’s been fun to walk on campuses and see what’s changed since we were in school (hello, cell phones!).  At one school we visited, it seemed everyone walking between classes was busy talking to someone on a phone.  How did we find our way around, learn, and play in college without one?  While a cell phone would have come in handy, I remember our very effective scribbled notes on doors and meetings at the Union. 

It’s not just the student technology that’s changed at Luther since we were there; the whole campus has continued to grow.  In the last 12 years, there have been major renovations to all residence halls, the Dahl Centennial Union, and Sampson Hoffland Laboratories. There is the new wind turbine, and there are plans for a new aquatic center.  We’re excited to show our son this great campus and impressive college.

Have you seen Luther recently?  It shocks me to do the math, but it’s not long until we celebrate our 25-year reunion.  Our big homecoming event will be October 4-6, 2013.

Let’s keep Luther going strong.  Our class has 23 percent giving to the annual fund.  If just a few more donate in 2012, we’ll meet our goal of 30 percent.  Our financial support of Luther is always appreciated, no matter what amount.

Many thanks for your support, and stay in touch –

Deb (Jacobsen) Rexroth
1988 Class Agent
[email protected]

Erica (Heath) Kennedy
1988 Class Agent
[email protected]

PS.  It's not too late to purchase a copy of Transformed by the Journey: 150 Years of Luther College in Word and Image. Richly illustrated with more than 350 photographs, Transformed by the Journey was compiled and written by Wilfred Bunge '53, professor emeritus of religion and classics, with assistance from Mary Hull Mohr, professor emerita of English, and Dale Nimrod, professor emeritus of chemistry.  Contact the Luther Book Shop at, or call 1-888-521-5039 or email [email protected] to place your order.

SHERYL MESSERSMITH and William Harradine, April 30, 2011

SHERYL (MESSERSMITH) HARRADINE is a clinical trial manager at i3 in Indianapolis.

MARK THOMAS is vice president of sales at the Merrill Corporation in Minneapolis.

Don't forget your Annual Fund giving! 
Each year nearly 10,000 alumni, parents, and friends support the Annual Fund with gifts from $5 to $50,000. Strong support from alumni helps Luther secure additional funds from foundations and corporations, and your gift each year helps us reach our goal of 30% alumni giving.  Here’s how your class—and surrounding classes—did in 2011: 

Class of 1987 total giving in 2011:  $54,916 from 23% of the class

Class of 1988 total giving in 2011:  $74,831 from 25% of the class

Class of 1989 total giving in 2011:  $36,010 from 25% of the class

Your gift can boost the impact your class has on current students!  Please use the enclosed envelope or visit to show your support.   Thank you!

All Smiles