Class of 1974 Spring Letter

Giving List

Spring 2013

Dear Friends –

On a recent sunny Saturday, as my husband and I were hiking through the snow by the Field House, I marveled again at the joy of living near Luther in Decorah.  Even in winter it’s both a quiet sanctuary and a bustling center of learning, art, religion, athletics – something for everyone.  I would urge you to consider adding a visit to Luther to your plans this year. Homecoming this year is October 4th through 6th – a great time to come back to campus.  The 11-mile bike trail in Decorah is complete, so you can add that to your weekend plans.  

It’s been a wool-socks winter in Decorah.  We’ve received much needed snowfall and experienced some bitterly cold days this winter.  As I walked across campus on a February evening, I was reminded of racing down the icy hill by Ylvisaker to 4th Meal at the cafeteria during sub-zero nights during J-Term.  Did we really need a 4th meal? Or we headed to Dante’s for an egg cheeseburger, hot off the grill.  Those were the days.

I attended the Nordic Choir homecoming concert in February with my daughter this year.  It was incredibly beautiful and moving, as always.  I hope some of you were able to attend one of their concerts on their winter tour.  It caused me to think back to my year in Nordic.  I remember being so impressed with the remarkable talent of our accompanist, Kris Lerud.  She was one among many gifted musicians in our class.  I’d love to hear stories about performing after graduation. 

Did you see that Forbes ranked Luther 127 in America’s Top Colleges last year?  We were ranked #20 in colleges in the Midwest.  The rankings focus on “the things that matter the most to students: quality of teaching, great career prospects, high graduation rates, and low-levels of debt.”  That’s information we can be proud of and worth sharing with prospective students you may know.

As the closure of Rick Torgerson’s 14-year tenure as president of Luther nears, the search committee continues to seek his replacement.  You can follow the progression of this important decision on the Luther website –  President Torgerson and his wife, Judy, have been true servant leaders, dedicating their lives to the college.  They will be greatly missed.

I want to relay thanks from Hanna Pederson, a senior nursing student from Willmar, Minn., who is the recipient this year’s Class of 1974 Scholarship.  She says that we’re helping to “make her dream possible.”  Thank you for your very generous financial support to this fund as well as others.  Please consider continuing your financial commitment or giving a new gift of any size. Regular alumni giving is vital in both supporting current students and in obtaining funds from corporations and foundations.  Visit to make your gift today.

 Also sincerely appreciated are the ways you support Luther through staying connected, introducing prospective students to Luther, and especially through your prayers. Hope to see many of you at Homecoming.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Sue (Ness) Johnson
[email protected]

Don't forget your Annual Fund giving!

Each year nearly 9,000 alumni, parents, and friends support the Annual Fund with gifts from $5 to $50,000. Strong support from alumni helps Luther secure additional funds from foundations and corporations, and your gift each year helps us reach our goal of 27% alumni giving.  Here’s how your class—and surrounding classes—did in 2012:

Class of 1973 total giving in 2012:  $102,357 from 30% of the class

Class of 1974 total giving in 2012:  $122,068 from 30% of the class

Class of 1975 total giving in 2012:  $43,448 from 26% of the class

Your gift can boost the impact your class has on current students!  Please use the enclosed envelope or visit to show your support.  Thank you!

This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2012, to December 31, 2012. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community.  Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving. 

Debora (Hill) Aldrich*
Richard Altorfer*
James Anderson*
Trudi Anderson
Loren Anderson-Bauer*
Virginia Anderson-Larson*
Gary Aspenson
David Aurelius
Jeanne Anne (Svien) Aurelius
Linda (Berkland) Baburek*
Mary Banken*
Paulette (Engel) Barnes*
Steven Barnes*
Scott Barnett
Steven Barry*
Jeffrey Barth*
Annis (Moon) Bear*
Peggy (Hall) Beatty*
Dean Berkas*
Nancy (Stoneman) Berkas*
Linda (Kennedy) Berry*
Steven Berry*
Douglas Boleen*
Barry Broman*
Paula (Mcglothing) Broman*
Russell Bruemmer*
Kathryn Chadima
Edith Copley*
Craig Cornelius
Susan (Tyer) Crandall
Jean Davidson*
Ellen (Peters) Dennis*
John Dietzenbach
Alexander Donaldson
Barbara (Stoen) Dowd*
Debra (Engelstad) Elstad*
Janice (Knutson) Engebretson*
Kristi Erickson
Stephanie Frey
Kathleen Gaare-Wiese
Keith Garms
Katherine (Knutson) Geary
Karen (Olson) Gerth
Gary Gilderhus*
Daniel Gjelten*
Nancy Gossell*
Nancy Hackett*
Susan (Hammond) Haemker*
Verlaine (Madson) Hall*
Kristine (Jergenson) Halverson
Cynthia Hart
Joyce Elaine (Hopkins) Hart*
Marilyn Haugen
Ann (Dallman) Havey*
Paul Hendrikson
Jane (Greene) Hildebrand*
Michael Hirleman*
Craig Hoff
Stephanie Hoff*
Lois Holz
Renate (Fabricius) Hunter
Craig Johnson*
Mary (Gregory) Johnson*
Susan (Ness) Johnson*
Kurt Jorgensen*
Edward Kail*
Sue (Weselmann) Kiel*
David Kloock
James Kodet*
Jan Koe
Solveig (Sperati) Korte
Jon Kucera*
Barbara (Weber) Kurr
Nancy (Allers) Larsen
Judd Larson*
Suzanne (Hammer) Larson
Pamela (Natvig) Leib
Russell Leix*
David Lubben
Denise (Buehler) Madland
Hans Madland*
Christine Magnuson*
LeAnn (Raasch) Mahoney*
Kristine (Lerud) Martin
Kristi (Hoel) Minnema
Joel Mjolsness
Sandra (Sabin) Moore*
William Moore*
Janice (Gjesvold) Mostrom*
Michael Mostrom*
Janice (Wagener) Mulford*
Mari Mundy*
Laurence Munson
Barbara Nasby*
Mark Ness
Nancy (Thomsen) Neumeister
Beverly Norfleet-Tumbleson*
Dennis Ohlrogge
Sarah (Connell) Ohlrogge
Anne (Kruse) Olson*
Dale Olson*
Timothy O'Neill
Barbara (Dunstone) Peterson
Sharon (Severson) Pfaff*
George Rozanski
Sharon (Nielsen) Rozanski
Jerome Rud*
Kari (Yung) Saba
Leslie (Smith) Sand*
Mark Seem*
Patricia Smith*
Shelley Smith-Fletcher*
Jean Sorenson
Richard Steinberg*
Douglas Strand
Joan (Brumwell) Strand
Jeanette (Bialas) Strandjord*
Jonathan Strandjord*
Gregory Sumner*
Scott Thorson*
Elea (Jensen) Uhl*
Alan Ulrich*
Ruth Ulvilden-Klaas
Michael Voltmer
Evelyn (Miller) Waack
Julia Wall
Christine (Schaumberg) Warren*
David Weinrich*
Janet (Lundquist) Werner
Barbara (Estenson) Westre*
Robert Williams
Robert Yant
Jeffrey Zahn*

* made a gift in each of the last five consecutive years. 

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list.  If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-225-8664, or email [email protected].

Sue Johnson