Class of 1948 Reunion - Homecoming 2013

Summer 2013

Dear Classmates.

We hope you are already aware of our 65th anniversary coming up this fall, Oct 4-6. The college will have a luncheon prepared for us―along with the classes of '38, '43, and '53―for which there is no charge.  Accompanying this letter is a reservation form to return ASAP or do so online. If you need help with room accommodations, please ask the college for help there, too.

After reading Helene's spring class agent letter, I felt so proud to compare our class donations with the class ahead of us and the one coming after us; our class far surpassed.  Now I must ask you once more to dig deeper than ever before.  We all know and/or have heard about the cost of attending a private college such as Luther College, but we must think about why a potential student considers a college such as ours.  It's the highly-rated faculty!  Luther has to encourage the best teaching staff with more-than-adequate salaries, and also with the best equipment and campus ambience.  These prerequisites are necessary to compete with other colleges.  The more alumni contribute, the better prepared our Luther graduates can be to either go on to graduate schools of the highest quality and/or compete in the job market.  Alumni contributions also provide scholarships to help keep costs down.  Forgive me for this personal input.  Within the list of graduates of Georgetown Law School this year were nine-tenths of the class coming from Ivy League colleges and my grandson Michael from little, remote, (who knew where?) Luther College.

If you have any ideas about the program we should follow at our reunion luncheon, please write or email Helene or me.  If you would like to contact any Luther grads, we urge you to click on to  Now Helene will add her encouragement:

There is little I can add to Alice's comments.  I, too, want to emphasize the importance of our financial support of our alma mater.  Education has been an important focus in my husband's and my life.  This spring I was blessed to attend the college graduation of our fifth grandchild.

I am looking forward to our reunion to hear what you have been doing the past 65 years and do a bit of reminiscing about our four years at Luther. 

Alice (Michelson) Collings
1948 Class Agent
[email protected]                                                 

Helene (Rowe) Furst
1948 Class Agent
[email protected]

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