Class of 1943 Spring Letter

Spring 2012

Dear Classmates,

Twice a year does not sound like much when you sign up to be an LC class agent, but those two dates sure come up in a hurry.  As I start this letter the only thing that comes to mind is that you can buy my recently published book, Pastor & President, Reflections of a Lutheran Churchman, for $19 plus shipping.  Lutheran University Press, PO Box 390759, Minneapolis, MN 55439 or telephone 1-888-696-1828 will do it.  If any of the rest of you have anything for sale just let me know and I will provide the class letter as the avenue of information.  There are so many of us left in the class of '43 that it ought to be an advertiser's delight.

Sue Drilling, the LC handler of class agents, will probably tell me I am supposed to be pushing for pledges to Luther rather than peddling books, but I figure you all know there will be a pitch for gifts for Luther before the letter is sent. Anyway, there ought to be some leeway when a person pushing 90 gets a book written.  Weston was lucky. Somebody else wrote his story.

Now I remember how Christmas letters made me proud of a couple more of our classmates.  Skip and Donna Herwig's Christmas letter gave a rundown on their children and grandchildren.  The family is cornering the Ph.D. market! Talk about an educated family!  Skip, let me know how many Ph.D.s and other advanced degrees in the family so I can report it in the fall.

The other Christmas letter was from Lorraine Larson, Eddie's beloved.  Two of their children are outstanding doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  I can personally attest to their skill for they have helped keep me running.  Their daughter was a Rhodes Scholar from Luther, and a whiz of a scientist at Stanford. She is now a cardiologist in California.  I am sure the rest of you have outstanding progeny.  Let me know about them so we can all bask in the reflected glory of the class of '43.  

In recent months I read the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  It is a corker!  It is the story of Lou Zamperini, a famous trackman a few years older than we are, but very much our contemporary.  He won the mile in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, had the most harrowing experiences in World War II of most anybody who lived through those years, wound up broke in spirit and money, and was brought back to life through the ministry of his long-suffering wife and Billy Graham.  He is still alive and still an outspoken witness to the love of Christ.  I read a lot these days, and this book is one of the best.

Incidentally, Hillenbrand's other best seller, Seabiscuit, also tells the wonderfully fascinating story of the fabulous racehorse of our younger years.

You know the needs of students trying to get through college without an absolute mountain of debt; I believe 31 percent of Luther's annual budget goes for student aid.  It is the difference between college or no for large numbers of students.  We can help!

Blessings to you all,  

David Preus
1943 Class Agent
[email protected]

PS.  It's not too late to purchase a copy of Transformed by the Journey: 150 Years of Luther College in Word and Image. Richly illustrated with more than 350 photographs, Transformed by the Journey was compiled and written by Wilfred Bunge '53, professor emeritus of religion and classics, with assistance from Mary Hull Mohr, professor emerita of English, and Dale Nimrod, professor emeritus of chemistry.   Contact the Luther Book Shop at, or call 1-888-521-5039 or email [email protected] to place your order.

Dorothy (TIMMER) Iverson of Norman, Okla., died, June 30, 2011, at age 90. She was raised by her maternal grandmother in Spring Grove, Minn., which helped shape her strong ethnic ties to all things Norwegian. Following high school, Dorothy worked in Minneapolis for two years before earning her certificate in education from Luther. She married LLOYD IVERSON ’43, who was soon deployed overseas during World War II. Following the war, the family moved to Norman, Okla. Dorothy taught at Sooner City Nursery--a day care center for children of veterans returning to the University of Oklahoma--while her husband did graduate work at the university. She continued teaching at Sooner City Nursery until 1961, when she started a private kindergarten at Trinity Lutheran Church. Dorothy taught there for five years while earning a degree in elementary education from the University of Oklahoma. She then joined the faculty at Cleveland Elementary School, where she taught for 18 years, retiring in 1984. A devoted wife and parent, Dorothy was also very active in social activities that centered around her church and the University of Oklahoma. As a founding member of University Lutheran Church, she was involved in several organizations within the church. Dorothy served on the board for the university's opera guild and drama guild, as well as the International Host Family Program that sponsored many Scandinavian students. Dorothy also served as president of the Norman Scandinavian Club, delivered "Meals on Wheels," and enjoyed rosemaling--many of her pieces were displayed at the Jacobson House in Norman. She and Lloyd made numerous trips to Norway to trace their heritage and visit relatives. Dorothy felt blessed with a wonderful family and many friends. She is survived by a son, David Iverson; five grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. Dorothy was preceded in death by her husband, Lloyd; a daughter, Cheryl; a son, Mark; and a brother, Morris.

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