Class of 1941 Fall Letter

Fall 2012

Dear Classmate of the Class of '41:

It was a cool 41 degrees outside and the wind blew strong enough to keep the giant wind turbine across the valley churning out electricity Homecoming Weekend.  While I’m on the subject, I understand Luther has a couple of acres of solar panels on the north side of the college, and I’m wondering how they’ll do under two feet of snow this winter.  I wish you could walk the campus with me and see all the changes that have taken place since you and I were there.  Sadly, there were only two of us in attendance from our class, Kathryn Ulvilden Moen and I.  The only thing we were recognized for was our age (?) really.  And the oldest person there this year was Willard Linevold ’37.  I did see Jack and Helen Peterson Hustad ’52 from Seattle there.

This year’s football team, unlike last year, didn’t pull off the win.  It was a cold and blustery afternoon out there on the field. 

With the passage of time as a normal evolution comes retirements, and the Development Office will lose three of its well-known representatives through retirement this year.  The friendly faces of Tom Murray, Dean Nelson, and Jim Anderson will be missing after 12/31/12.  As will the friendly faces of President Rick and Judy Torgerson, come the end of the school year.  I, too, have been thinking about retiring.  However, this year we were ranked #1 for being in the top-ten list of participation to the Annual Fund.  In addition, we are recognized as being #2 in the top-ten list of participation in all funds.  So, that being said, I’ll keep writing for the next year to come. 

You can be proud of the part you play in the success of the college through your contributions.  Please do keep up the good work.

God loves you and so do I.  Be kind to each other!

Earl C. Vanderwalker
1941 Class Agent
[email protected]

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*as of October 18, 2012


Earl Vanderderwalker and son John at Festival Dinner