Careers in chemical research and teaching, instrumentation, industrial chemistry, chemical engineering, and many allied fields begin with undergraduate study of chemistry. Chemistry is vital to the understanding of many biological systems and components, and thus the study of chemistry also provides a springboard to careers in the health sciences.

The Luther chemistry major includes class and laboratory work, research, and seminars, plus supporting class work in physics and mathematics. An accelerated path in first year chemistry is available for those with high ability and rich backgrounds.

Not only is classroom instruction conducted by credentialed faculty, but, importantly, so is laboratory instruction. Faculty also serve as academic and career advisors.

I have appreciated the access to professors as well as their willingness to be accessed. All of their offices are located right around a student study lounge, and if their door is open, you can ask them a question. This means it is very comfortable to ask them questions, including short, seemingly inconsequential ones.

— Claire Seitzinger '16

Luther’s chemistry department is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The ACS designation reflects the quality of the institution in general and, in chemistry, the breadth of the faculty, the quality of the curriculum and library, and the scope of instrumentation. Students may elect a special ACS-approved major which gives a broader exposure to the different fields of chemistry.