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Luther College Catalog 2015-16
Introducing Luther
Luther College Mission Statement
Institutional Profile
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Academic Information
Goals for Student Learning
Requirements for the Degree
Summary of All-College Requirements
All-College Requirements: Detailed Description
January Term
Legend—All College Requirements
Senior Project
Candidacy for the Degree
Second Teaching Areas
Academic Policies and Procedures
Registration of Full-Time Students
Registration of Part-Time Students
Class Load
Class Attendance
Academic Transcript
Changes in Registration
Auditing Courses
Repeating Courses
Independent Study
Credit/No Credit Grading
Credit by Special Examination and Advanced Placement
Grade Point Average
Final Grade Appeals
Honor System
Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal
Financial Aid and Academic Progress
Itinerant Status
Administrative Withdrawal
Policy on Student Presence on Campus While the Student is Separated from the College
Readmission Requirements after Withdrawal
Academic Support Programs
Scholars Program
Intersections: Seeking the Common Good
Department Honors
Dean's List, Latin Honors
Research Grants
Participation in Regional and National Conferences
Special Advising for National Fellowships
Department Prizes
Election to Phi Beta Kappa and Discipline-based National Honor Societies
Off-Campus Study Programs
Nottingham Year
Earth and Environment in Italy Semester
Malta Semester
Münster Semester Program
Luther College January Term Abroad
ACM—Associated Colleges of the Midwest
Norwegian Programs
Lutheran College China Consortium
JASIN—Japan Studies in Nagasaki
Lutheran College Washington Consortium
The Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture
The Chicago Semester
CIEE—Council on International Educational Exchange
DIS—Danish Institute for Study Abroad
IES Abroad—Institute for the International Education of Students
IFSA Butler—Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University
ISA—International Studies Abroad
SIT Study Abroad
The Liberal Arts and Careers
Africana Studies
Church Vocations
Clinical Laboratory Science and Technology, Cytotechnology, and Nuclear Medicine Technology
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Environmental Biology and Conservation
Health and Physical Education
International Studies
Library and Information Science
Mathematics and the Sciences
Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Museum Studies
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Research—Basic and Applied
Social Work
Veterinary Medicine
Women and Gender Studies
Divisional Structure
Organization of Courses in This Catalog
Course Numbers
Special Topics
Accounting Courses
ACCTG 110 Introduction to Accounting
ACCTG 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
ACCTG 150 Fundamentals of Accounting
ACCTG 185 First-Year Seminar
ACCTG 250 Managerial Cost Accounting I
ACCTG 285/295 Directed Study
ACCTG 353 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCTG 354 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCTG 357 Accounting for Government and Nonprofit Entities
ACCTG 358 Managerial Cost Accounting II
ACCTG 365 Advanced Accounting
ACCTG 375 Directed Readings
ACCTG 380 Internship
ACCTG 395 Independent Study
ACCTG 467 Auditing and Assurance Services
ACCTG 468 Federal Income Taxation
ACCTG 485 Seminar
ACCTG 490 Senior Project
ACCTG 493 Senior Honors Project
Africana Studies
Africana Studies Courses
AFRS 135 African-American History
AFRS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
AFRS 147 Literature of the African Peoples
AFRS 171 History of Africa to 1880
AFRS 172 History of Modern Africa
AFRS 185 First-Year Seminar
AFRS 221 Anthropology in East Africa: Culture Change Among the Maasai
AFRS 235 Destiny or Deliverance? Civil Rights and Black Power in the United States
AFRS 240 Africana Women's Writing
AFRS 247 History of Jazz
AFRS 251 African-American Literature
AFRS 271 African Diaspora
AFRS 285/295 Directed Study
AFRS 337 Pan-Africanism
AFRS 338 Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas: A Comparative History
AFRS 345 Constructs of Race and Racialization
AFRS 371 Topics in African History
AFRS 375 Directed Readings
AFRS 380 Internship
AFRS 381 Internship
AFRS 395 Independent Study
AFRS 485 Junior/Senior Seminar
AFRS 490 Senior Project
AFRS 493 Senior Honors Project
Anthropology Courses
ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 102 Biological Anthropology
ANTH 103 Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 104 Archaeology
ANTH 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
ANTH 185 First-Year Seminar
ANTH 203 Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 205 Religion and Culture
ANTH 208 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 209 Born to Run
ANTH 210 Qualitative Research Methods in Anthropology
ANTH 211 Quantitative Research Methods in Anthropology
ANTH 221 Anthropology in East Africa: Culture Change Among the Maasai
ANTH 264 Pre-Columbian and Native American Art
ANTH 285/295 Directed Study
ANTH 301 Experimental Archaeology
ANTH 302 Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 380 Internship
ANTH 381 Internship
ANTH 395 Independent Study
ANTH 401 Anthropological Theory
ANTH 485 Seminar
ANTH 490 Senior Project
ANTH 493 Senior Honors Project
Art Courses
ART 101 Art Matters
ART 102 Creative Processes
ART 103 Foundations: Circa NOW
ART 104 Foundations: Visual Thinking
ART 105 Science and the Aesthetic
ART 108 Foundations: Drawing
ART 110 Handbuilding with Clay
ART 111 Foundations: 3-dimensional Processes
ART 114 Sequential Art, Animation, and the Graphic Novel
ART 115 Scandinavian Fine Handcrafts
ART 118 Beginning Digital Photography
ART 121 World Pottery
ART 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
ART 149 Norwegian Folk Art
ART 185 First-Year Seminar
ART 200 Painting
ART 202 Design Concepts
ART 205 Art and Technology
ART 206 Graphic Design
ART 207 3D Modeling and Animation
ART 208 Life Drawing
ART 210 Wheel-throwing: From the Wheel to the Table
ART 211 Intermediate Sculpture
ART 212 Fiber Structures
ART 216 Printmaking
ART 217 Photography Workshop
ART 228 Art in Elementary Schools
ART 251 Survey of Western Art I
ART 252 Survey of Western Art II
ART 262 American Art
ART 264 Pre-Columbian and Native American Art
ART 285/295 Directed Study
ART 290 Art in Cultural Perspective
ART 300 Intermediate Painting
ART 306 Intermedia Arts
ART 308 Conceptual Drawing
ART 310 Intermediate Ceramics
ART 316 Intermediate Printmaking
ART 320 Critical Theory
ART 362 19th Century Art
ART 364 20th Century Art
ART 368 Gender in Art
ART 379 Art History Methods
ART 380 Internship
ART 384 Studio Projects
ART 390 Junior Exhibition Seminar
ART 395 Independent Study
ART 408 2-D Workshop
ART 490 Senior Project
ART 491 Senior Exhibition
ART 493 Senior Honors Project
Asian Studies
Asian Studies Courses
AS 389 Directed Research
Athletic Training
Athletic Training Courses
ATHTR 185 First-Year Seminar
ATHTR 265 Clinical I: Introduction to Athletic Training
ATHTR 268 Clinical II: Head, Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, and Upper Extremity Assessment
ATHTR 285/295 Directed Study
ATHTR 365 Clinical III: Spine, Lower Extremity, and Posture Assessment
ATHTR 367 General Medical and Pharmacology
ATHTR 368 Clinical IV: Therapeutic Modalities and Exercise
ATHTR 370 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training
ATHTR 372 Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training
ATHTR 375 Directed Readings
ATHTR 380 Internship
ATHTR 395 Independent Study
ATHTR 465 Clinical V: Health Care Administration
ATHTR 468 Clinical VI: Advanced Health Care
ATHTR 490 Senior Project
ATHTR 493 Senior Honors Project
Biblical Languages
Biology Courses
BIO 112 Insects, Humans, and the Environment
BIO 115 Human Anatomy
BIO 116 Introduction to Human Physiology
BIO 125 Genetics and Society
BIO 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
BIO 140 Introduction to Ecology of the Southwest
BIO 149 Introduction to Winter Biology
BIO 151 Principles of Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity
BIO 152 Principles of Biology: Molecules, Cells, and Genes
BIO 185 First-Year Seminar
BIO 195 Biology of Race and Sex
BIO 231 Microscopy
BIO 232 Microscopy Laboratory
BIO 240 Ecology of the Southwest
BIO 241 Radioisotopes in Science
BIO 242 Animal Behavior
BIO 243 Microbiology
BIO 245 Ecology of Ecuador
BIO 246 Ornithology
BIO 247 Subtropical and Marine Biology
BIO 248 Genetics
BIO 249 Winter Biology
BIO 250 Restoration and Conservation Biology
BIO 251 Entomology
BIO 252 Botany
BIO 253 Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 255 Human Physiology
BIO 256 Biostatistics
BIO 258 Vertebrate Natural History
BIO 261 Developmental Biology
BIO 262 Environmental Animal Physiology
BIO 285/295 Directed Study
BIO 301 Human Dissection and Anatomy
BIO 303 Bioethics
BIO 354 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 356 Genomics
BIO 357 Immunology
BIO 358 Toxicology
BIO 359 Virology
BIO 362 Neuroscience
BIO 363 Molecular Biology
BIO 364 Cell Biology
BIO 365 Ecology
BIO 367 Endocrinology
BIO 375 Directed Readings
BIO 380 Internship
BIO 389 Directed Research
BIO 395 Independent Study
BIO 475 Year of Professional Study: Medical Technology
BIO 476 Year of Professional Study: Cytotechnology
BIO 477 Year of Professional Study: Nuclear Medicine Technology
BIO 485 Seminar
BIO 490 Senior Project
BIO 493 Senior Honors Project
Chemistry Courses
CHEM 114 The Environment: A Chemical Perspective
CHEM 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
CHEM 141 Essentials of Chemistry
CHEM 151, 152 Chemical Principles I, II
CHEM 185 First-Year Seminar
CHEM 201 Advanced Chemical Principles
CHEM 202 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 241 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 242 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 285/295 Directed Study
CHEM 301 Biochemistry
CHEM 344 Instrumental Methods: Spectroscopic Techniques
CHEM 345 Instrumental Methods: Separations and Electrochemistry
CHEM 349 Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 351 Chemical Kinetics
CHEM 361 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
CHEM 362 Thermodynamics
CHEM 365 Spectroscopy and Separations Lab
CHEM 366 Thermodynamics and Kinetics Lab
CHEM 379 Inorganic Synthesis Lab
CHEM 389 Directed Research
CHEM 395 Independent Study
CHEM 472 Inorganic Chemistry: Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry
CHEM 473 Inorganic Chemistry: Solid State and Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 474 Physical Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 475 Advanced Topics In Chemistry
CHEM 490 Senior Project
CHEM 490L Senior Project Lab
CHEM 493 Senior Honors Project
Chinese Courses
CHIN 101, 102 Beginning Chinese
CHIN 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
CHIN 185 First-Year Seminar
CHIN 201, 202 Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 242 Chinese Cinema and Chinese Modernity
Classical Studies Courses
CLAS 185 First-Year Seminar
CLAS 240 Classical Mythology
CLAS 250 The World of Ancient Greece
CLAS 255 Ancient Roman Culture
CLAS 265 Greece and Rome on Film
CLAS 270 Archaeology of Ancient Greece
CLAS 275 Archaeology of Ancient Rome
CLAS 285/295 Directed Study
CLAS 299 Study Abroad—Classics
CLAS 300 Classics and Culture
CLAS 310 Ancient Science
CLAS 320 Women and Gender in the Classical World
CLAS 360 The World of St. Patrick
CLAS 375 Directed Readings
CLAS 395 Independent Study
CLAS 490 Senior Project
CLAS 493 Senior Honors Project
Communication Studies
Communication Studies Courses
COMS 130 Interpersonal Communication
COMS 132 Public Address
COMS 133 Mass Media
COMS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
COMS 185 First-Year Seminar
COMS 233 Rhetoric of Spirituality
COMS 234 Rhetoric of Everyday Life
COMS 236 Small Group Communication
COMS 246 The Internet and American Life
COMS 247 Electronic News Gathering
COMS 255 Advanced Public Address
COMS 258 Concepts of Media Production
COMS 260 Sport, Media and Society
COMS 270 Rethinking Freedoms of Religion, Speech, and Press
COMS 280 Communication and Aging
COMS 285/295 Directed Study
COMS 320 Urban America and Serial Television: Critically Analyzing "The Wire"
COMS 330 Family Communication
COMS 335 Masculinity in Film
COMS 342 Feminist Rhetorical Theories
COMS 347 Critical Television Studies
COMS 348 Radio Journalism
COMS 350 Intercultural Communication
COMS 353 Argumentation
COMS 354 Persuasion Theories
COMS 356 Rhetorical Theories
COMS 357 Research Methods
COMS 358 Concepts of Media Production II: The Documentary
COMS 359 Media and Popular Culture
COMS 362 Communication Theories
COMS 370 The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
COMS 375 Directed Readings
COMS 380 Internship
COMS 389 Directed Research
COMS 395 Independent Study
COMS 463 Communication and Public Relations
COMS 464 Advanced Research Methods
COMS 490 Senior Project
COMS 493 Senior Honors Project
Computer Science
Computer Science Courses
CS 130 Fundamentals of Web Programming
CS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
CS 140 Data Modeling and Querying
CS 150 Introduction to Computer Science
CS 160 Algorithms and Data Structures
CS 165 Software Development Tools
CS 185 First-Year Seminar
CS 252 Object-Oriented Programming with Java
CS 253 Object-Oriented Programming with C++
CS 260 Computational Models
CS 285/295 Directed Study
CS 296 Writing in the Major Lab
CS 320 Data Analysis and Visualization
CS 330 Internet Programming
CS 352 Embedded Android Programming
CS 353 Embedded iOS Programming
CS 360 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures
CS 370 Programming Languages
CS 380 Internship
CS 385 Understanding Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
CS 395 Independent Study
CS 420 Machine Learning
CS 430 Computer Networks
CS 440 Database Management Systems
CS 450 Operating Systems and Architecture
CS 485 Seminar
CS 490 Senior Project
CS 491 Senior Project
CS 493 Senior Honors Project
Dance Courses
DAN 100 Production Practicum
DAN 101 Dance Technique and Analysis
DAN 105 Movement Fundamentals I: Practices of Alignment and Function
DAN 130 Contact Improvisation
DAN 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
DAN 185 First-Year Seminar
DAN 205 Movement Fundamentals II: Practices of Range and Efficiency
DAN 230 Contact Improvisation II
DAN 264 Performance Research: The Happenings Course
DAN 285/295 Directed Study
DAN 300 Production Studio
DAN 305 Movement Fundamentals III: Practices of Vocabulary and Intention
DAN 306 Intermedia Arts
DAN 351 Dance History
DAN 360 Dance Composition
DAN 380 Internship
DAN 389 Directed Research
DAN 395 Independent Study
DAN 490 Senior Seminar
DAN 491 Senior Project
DAN 493 Senior Honors Project
Economics Courses
ECON 130 Principles of Economics
ECON 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
ECON 142 Economic Numeracy
ECON 185 First-Year Seminar
ECON 247 Intermediate Economic Theory: Macro
ECON 248 Intermediate Economic Theory: Micro
ECON 255 Environmental Economics
ECON 256 Economic History
ECON 262 Development Economics
ECON 268 Law and Economics
ECON 285/295 Directed Study
ECON 333 Economics of Information and Networks
ECON 342 Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 361 Money, Credit, and Banking
ECON 362 International Economics
ECON 366 Public Finance
ECON 375 Directed Readings
ECON 380 Internship
ECON 395 Independent Study
ECON 485 Seminar
ECON 490 Senior Project
ECON 493 Senior Honors Project
Education Courses
EDUC 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
EDUC 185 First-Year Seminar
EDUC 215 Clinical Experience I in the Schools
EDUC 220 Introduction to Education and the Psychology of Learning
EDUC 221 The Diverse and Exceptional Learner
EDUC 222 Instructional Strategies with Computer Applications K–6:
EDUC 223 Children’s Literature
EDUC 226 Introduction to Reading
EDUC 232 Music Education Curriculum and Strategies
EDUC 240 Home, School, and Community
EDUC 242 Introduction to Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Issues
EDUC 245 Career/Vocational Assessment and Instructional Planning
EDUC 246 Classroom Management and Collaboration
EDUC 252 Introduction to Middle and High School 5–12 Methods
EDUC 255 Percussion Methods
EDUC 260 Brass Methods
EDUC 265 Double Reed Methods
EDUC 270 String Methods
EDUC 275 Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone Methods
EDUC 278 Content Area Reading, Middle School/Secondary
EDUC 285/295 Directed Study
EDUC 321 Clinical Experience II: Literacy in Elementary/Middle School
EDUC 322 Clinical Experience II: Mathematics in Elementary/Middle School
EDUC 323 Teaching Methods for English Language Learners
EDUC 324 Assessment for English Language Learners
EDUC 325 Elementary Mathematics Methods
EDUC 326 Elementary Language Arts Methods
EDUC 328 Elementary Social Studies Methods
EDUC 329 Elementary Science Methods
EDUC 330 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
EDUC 331 Early Childhood Education II
EDUC 332 The Middle School Learner
EDUC 333 Middle School Methods
EDUC 344 Methods and Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Issues
EDUC 347 Assessment in Special and Remedial Education
EDUC 352 Advanced Teaching Methods: Secondary
EDUC 353 Advanced Methods—World Languages K–12
EDUC 361 Clinical Experiences in Music Education
EDUC 366 Advanced Methods Clinical Placement
EDUC 367 Advanced Teaching Methods II
EDUC 371/371L Elementary General Music Methods and Lab
EDUC 372 Middle School General Music Methods
EDUC 376 Advanced Literacy: Assessment and Instructional Design for At Risk Readers
EDUC 378 Content Area Reading, Elementary/Middle School
EDUC 380 Internship in Music Education
EDUC 383 Middle School Choral Methods
EDUC 384 Middle and High School Marching Band Methods
EDUC 385 Middle and High School Jazz Methods
EDUC 386 Vocal Pedagogy and Methods
EDUC 387 High School Choral Methods
EDUC 388 Beginning and Middle School Orchestra Methods
EDUC 390 Middle School and High School Concert Band Methods
EDUC 391 High School Orchestra Methods
EDUC 395 Independent Study
EDUC 470 Music Education Senior Capstone: Administration of School Music Programs
EDUC 486 Teaching Practicum
EDUC 490 Senior Project
EDUC 493 Senior Honors Project
English Courses
ENG 110 Introduction to College Writing
ENG 114 Introduction to U.S. Academic Writing
ENG 130 Literary Ventures
ENG 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
ENG 147 Literature of the African Peoples
ENG 185 First-Year Seminar
ENG 210 Effective Writing
ENG 211 Writing for Media
ENG 212 Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction I
ENG 213 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENG 230 The Writer’s Voice
ENG 231 Film
ENG 240 Africana Women's Writing
ENG 245 Literature By Women
ENG 247 Literature and Ecology
ENG 251 African-American Literature
ENG 260 Shakespeare
ENG 285/295 Directed Study
ENG 312 Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction II
ENG 314 Rhetoric: History, Theory, Practice
ENG 320 Contemporary Literature
ENG 334 Young Adult Literature
ENG 352 American Frontiers: American Literature to 1860
ENG 353 American Literature 1860 to the Present
ENG 354 American Novel
ENG 361 Chaucer and Medieval Literature
ENG 362 Renaissance Literature
ENG 363 Milton
ENG 364 Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature
ENG 365 British Romanticism: Revolution, Nature, and the Imagination
ENG 366 The Victorians
ENG 367 Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENG 368 The British Novel
ENG 380 Internship
ENG 395 Independent Study
ENG 485 Seminar
ENG 490 Senior Project
ENG 493 Senior Honors Project
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies Courses
ENVS 112 Energy and the Physical World
ENVS 130 Environmental Forays
ENVS 133 Environmental Conservation
ENVS 134 Environmental Geology
ENVS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
ENVS 175 Introduction to GIS
ENVS 185 First-Year Seminar
ENVS 215 Environmental Education
ENVS 220 Environmental Geochemistry
ENVS 230 Earth Systems and the Environment
ENVS 285/295 Directed Study
ENVS 310 Earth: Evolution of a Habitable Planet
ENVS 320 Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification
ENVS 330 The Geology of Italy
ENVS 375 Directed Readings
ENVS 380 Internship
ENVS 389 Directed Research
ENVS 395 Independent Study
ENVS 485 Seminar
ENVS 490 Senior Project
ENVS 493 Senior Honors Project
Ethics and Public Life
Ethics and Public Life Courses
EPL 450 Global Citizenship
Foreign Culture
Foreign Culture Courses
FCUL 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
FCUL 142 China in the World
FCUL 185 First-Year Seminar
FCUL 241 Russian Culture Through Film
FCUL 242 Chinese Cinema and Chinese Modernity
FCUL 243 Time of Stalin: Literature and Memoirs
FCUL 250 Topics in Nordic Literature
FCUL 251 Topics in Nordic Film
FCUL 341 Russian Life and Culture
FCUL 350 Topics in Russian/Soviet Literature
FCUL 361 Henrik Ibsen
FCUL 363 Norway’s Nobel Prize-Winning Authors
French Courses
FREN 101, 102 Elementary French I, II
FREN 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
FREN 185 First-Year Seminar
FREN 201, 202 Intermediate French
FREN 285/295 Directed Study
FREN 342 Introduction to French Culture
FREN 344 Advanced Grammar and Composition
FREN 345 Conversation and Phonetics
FREN 346 Introduction to French Literature I
FREN 347 Introduction to Commercial French
FREN 348 Introduction to French Literature II
FREN 380 Internship
FREN 395 Independent Study
FREN 460 Topics in French Literature and Culture
FREN 464 Francophone Literatures and Cultures
FREN 490 Senior Project
FREN 493 Senior Honors Project
General Studies
General Studies Courses
GS 105 Luther College Symphony Orchestra Residency in Vienna
GS 100 Foundations for Learning and Development
GS 110 Critical Reading and Learning
GS 200 Lives that Matter: Vocation, Self, and Service (Arizona)
German Courses
GER 101, 102 Elementary German I and II
GER 105 Münster Preparation
GER 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
GER 185 First-Year Seminar
GER 201 Intermediate German
GER 202 Conversation and Comprehension
GER 285/295 Directed Study
GER 342 German Culture
GER 344 German Play
GER 345 Advanced German Grammar
GER 346 Introduction to German Literature: From Runes to Rap
GER 348 Advanced Conversation and Comprehension
GER 375 Directed Readings
GER 385 Seminar
GER 395 Independent Study
GER 450 Masterpieces of German Literature
GER 460 Contemporary German Literature and Culture
GER 470 Topics in German Literature and Culture
GER 490 Senior Project
GER 493 Senior Honors Project
Greek Courses
GRK 101 Elementary Greek I
GRK 102 Elementary Greek II
GRK 201 Intermediate Greek
GRK 202 Readings in Greek
GRK 285/295 Directed Study
GRK 301 Advanced Greek Prose
GRK 302 Advanced Greek Poetry
GRK 375 Directed Readings
GRK 395 Independent Study
GRK 490 Senior Project
GRK 493 Senior Honors Project
Health Courses
HLTH 125 Nutrition I
HLTH 126 Nutrition II
HLTH 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
HLTH 185 First-Year Seminar
HLTH 201 Foundations of Health Education
HLTH 233 Mental/Emotional Health: Stress Management
HLTH 234 Family Life Education
HLTH 249 Personal and Community Health
HLTH 285/295 Directed Study
HLTH 343 Health Education Content, Methods, and Assessment I
HLTH 344 Health Education Content, Methods, and Assessment II
HLTH 352 Consumer Health and Safety Education
HLTH 358 Substance Abuse Education
HLTH 372 Administration and Management of Fitness Programs
HLTH 380 Internship
HLTH 395 Independent Study
HLTH 465 Current Issues in Health
HLTH 485 Seminar
HLTH 490 Senior Project
HLTH 493 Senior Honors Project
Hebrew Courses
HEB 101 Elementary Hebrew I
HEB 102 Elementary Hebrew II
HEB 201 Intermediate Hebrew
HEB 375 Directed Readings
History Courses
HIST 101 Introduction to the History of the United States for Elementary School Teachers
HIST 111 Survey of US History to 1877
HIST 112 Survey of U.S. History Since 1877
HIST 126 Human Geography
HIST 135 African-American History
HIST 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
HIST 149 Europe to 1648
HIST 150 Europe, 1648 to the Present
HIST 161 East Asian History
HIST 162 South Asian History
HIST 163 Modern Middle East History
HIST 171 History of Africa to 1880
HIST 172 History of Modern Africa
HIST 185 First-Year Seminar
HIST 225 Golden Age of Atlantic Piracy
HIST 226 History and Material Culture
HIST 227 Public History
HIST 235 Destiny or Deliverance? Civil Rights and Black Power in the United States.
HIST 241 Rome: Republic and Empire
HIST 242 Medieval History
HIST 243 Christianity and Islam: Encounters and Perceptions, 632-1683
HIST 250 Rulers, Reform, and Revolution: The History of Early Modern Britain
HIST 254 Russian History
HIST 256 Scandinavian Immigration History
HIST 262 Everybody Loves Gandhi
HIST 271 African Diaspora
HIST 285/295 Directed Study
HIST 290 Gender and Women’s History
HIST 291 Environmental History
HIST 299 Topics in History—Abroad
HIST 321 Topics in U.S. History
HIST 337 Pan-Africanism
HIST 338 Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas: A Comparative History
HIST 348 Vikings in History
HIST 351 Topics in European History
HIST 352 Scandinavia and the Baltic
HIST 355 The Reformation in Renaissance Europe
HIST 361 Topics in East Asian History
HIST 362 Topics in South Asian History
HIST 371 Topics in African History
HIST 380 Internship
HIST 395 Independent Study
HIST 480 Internship
HIST 485 Junior/Senior Seminar
HIST 490 Senior Project
HIST 493 Senior Honors Project
Intermedia Arts
Intermedia Arts Courses
IMA 490 Senior Seminar
IMA 491 Senior Project
IMA 493 Senior Honors Project
International Business
International Studies
International Studies Courses
IS 135 Exploring Britain
IS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
IS 185 First-Year Seminar
IS 230 Introduction to International Studies
IS 285/295 Directed Study
IS 485 International Studies Seminar
IS 490 Senior Project
Intersections Courses
INTS 130 Scholars Colloquium
INTS 350 Civic Engagement
INTS 450 Global Positioning for Service (GPS)
INTS 185 First Year Seminar (Great Debates)
INTS 200 Then and Now
INTS 300 The Human Quest
INTS 375 Directed Study
INTS 389 Directed Research
INTS 493 Senior Honors Project
Italian Courses
Language Learning Center
ITAL 100 Basic Italian
ITAL 101, 102 Beginning Italian I and II
ITAL 185 First-Year Seminar
JOUR 100 News Practicum
JOUR 380 Internship
Latin Courses
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin
LAT 202 Readings in Latin
LAT 285/295 Directed Study
LAT 301 Advanced Latin Prose
LAT 302 Advanced Latin Poetry
LAT 375 Directed Readings
LAT 395 Independent Study
LAT 490 Senior Project
LAT 493 Senior Honors Project
Library and Information Studies
Library and Information Studies Courses
LIST 185 First-Year Seminar
LIST 375 Directed Readings
LIST 380 Internship
Linguistics Courses
LING 131 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 133 Introduction to Syntax
LING 135 Words
LING 185 First-Year Seminar
LING 220 Phonetics and Phonology
LING 241 Breaking the Language Barrier
LING 245 History of the Romance Languages
LING 389 Directed Research
LING 395 Independent Study
LING 490 Senior Project
LING 493 Senior Honors Project
Management Courses
MGT 120 Personal Finance
MGT 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
MGT 150 Statistics
MGT 185 First-Year Seminar
MGT 240 Principles of Management
MGT 250 Data Analysis for Business Decision Making
MGT 260 Project Management
MGT 285/295 Directed Study
MGT 351 Principles of Marketing
MGT 352 Human Resource Management
MGT 353 Financial Management
MGT 360 International Business Management
MGT 361 Business Law: The Legal Environment of Business
MGT 362 Entrepreneurship
MGT 363 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
MGT 364 Sales, Advertising, and Promotion
MGT 365 Investments
MGT 366 Creativity and Innovation
MGT 367 Organizational Behavior
MGT 368 Electronic Commerce
MGT 370 E-Marketing
MGT 375 Directed Readings
MGT 380 Internship
MGT 385 Understanding Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
MGT 395 Independent Study
MGT 485 Seminar
MGT 490 Senior Project
MGT 493 Senior Honors Project
Mathematics Courses
MATH 110 Mathematics in our World
MATH 115 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 123 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
MATH 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
MATH 140 Precalculus with Derivatives
MATH 141 Calculus I with Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 152 Calculus II
MATH 185 First-Year Seminar
MATH 220 Discrete Structures
MATH 240 Linear Algebra
MATH 253 Vector Calculus
MATH 258 Chaotic Dynamical Systems
MATH 260 Elementary Number Theory
MATH 285/295 Directed Study
MATH 321 Probability and Statistics I
MATH 322 Probability and Statistics II
MATH 327 Applied Statistics I
MATH 328 Applied Statistics II
MATH 351 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 365 Geometry
MATH 380 Internship
MATH 395 Independent Study
MATH 452 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 454 Principles of Real Analysis
MATH 456 Functions of a Complex Variable
MATH 459 Topology
MATH 462 Numerical Analysis
MATH 471 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 472 Abstract Algebra II
MATH 490 Senior Project
MATH 493 Senior Honors Project
Museum Studies
Museum Studies Courses
MUST 120 Introduction to Museums
MUST 185 First-Year Seminar
MUST 220 Collections Management
MUST 380 Internship in Museum Studies
Music Courses
MUS 111 The Materials of Music
MUS 120 Introduction to Musical Styles
MUS 121 Theory I
MUS 121L Ear Training I
MUS 122 Theory II
MUS 122L Ear Training II
MUS 135 Principles of Improvisation
MUS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
MUS 145 Orchestral Repertoire for Harp
MUS 185 First-Year Seminar
MUS 227 Music/Performing Arts in the Elementary Classroom
MUS 231 Theory III
MUS 231L Ear Training III
MUS 236 Music, Worship, and Culture
MUS 237 Worship and Music in the Life of the Church
MUS 238 Composition Workshop
MUS 245 Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa
MUS 247 History of Jazz
MUS 248 World Music Cultures
MUS 249 Listening Live in London
MUS 250 Introduction to Conducting
MUS 265 Diction for Singers I: Italian and German
MUS 266 Diction for Singers II: French and English
MUS 267 Vocal Literature I: Italian/Spanish and German
MUS 268 Vocal Literature II: French and British/American
MUS 272 Symphonic Music
MUS 273 Chamber Music
MUS 285/295 Directed Study
MUS 332 Theory IV
MUS 332L Ear Training IV
MUS 338 Composition: Private Lesson
MUS 341 History of Music: Antiquity through 1750
MUS 342 History of Music: The Classical Period
MUS 343 History of Music: The Romantic Era
MUS 344 History of Music: Contemporary
MUS 351 Advanced Conducting: Choral
MUS 353 Conducting: Instrumental
MUS 356 Electro-Acoustic Music
MUS 362 Opera Workshop: Scenes
MUS 363 Opera Workshop: Production
MUS 371 Orchestration
MUS 375 Directed Readings
MUS 376 Vocal and Instrumental Accompanying
MUS 395 Independent Study
MUS 445 Performance Practices of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods
MUS 446 Performance Practices of the Classical and Early Romantic Periods
MUS 454 16th Century Counterpoint
MUS 455 Analytical Studies
MUS 469 Advanced Ear Training
MUS 485 Seminar
MUS 490 Senior Project
MUS 491 Senior Project for Music Education
MUS 493 Senior Honors Project
Applied Music
MUS 115 Class Instruction—Piano, Voice, or Guitar
MUS 116 Class Instruction—Piano or Voice
MUS 117 Class Instruction—Piano
MUS 118 Preparation for Piano Proficiency Test
MUS 130 Private Instruction
MUS 230 Private Instruction
MUS 300 Music Ensembles
MUS 330 Private Instruction
MUS 360 Vocal Coaching
MUS 430 Private Instruction
Nordic Studies
Nursing Courses
NURS 138 Human Sexuality
NURS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
NURS 185 First-Year Seminar
NURS 234 Pathways to Practice I
NURS 235 Pathways to Practice I Clinical
NURS 236 Pathways to Practice II
NURS 237 Pathways to Practice II Clinical
NURS 285/295 Directed Study
NURS 370 Health and Healing I
NURS 371 Health and Healing I Clinical
NURS 372 Health and Healing II
NURS 373 Health and Healing II Clinical
NURS 374 Behavioral Health Care
NURS 376 Behavioral Health Care Clinical
NURS 377 Family/Child Nursing
NURS 378 Family/Child Nursing Clinical
NURS 380 Internship
NURS 382 Gerontological Nursing
NURS 384 Evidence Based Practice
NURS 386 Professional Nursing Practice: An Immersion Experience
NURS 388 Health Informatics
NURS 390 Nursing Leadership in Health Care
NURS 395 Independent Study
NURS 420 Population Based Care
NURS 421 Population Based Care Clinical
NURS 425 Synthesis of Clinical Practice Across the Lifespan
NURS 480 Senior Leadership Capstone
NURS 490 Senior Project
NURS 493 Senior Honors Project
Paideia Courses
Paideia 111, 112 Enduring Questions
Paideia 450 Ethical Choices
Philosophy Courses
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 110 Logic
PHIL 120 Ethics
PHIL 130 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
PHIL 140 Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 150 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 185 First-Year Seminar
PHIL 200 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 220 Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 230 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 240 Philosophy of Art
PHIL 260 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 285/295 Directed Study
PHIL 300 19th and 20th Century Philosophy
PHIL 310 Metaphysics and Epistemology
PHIL 320 Topics in Value Theory
PHIL 330 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 375 Directed Readings
PHIL 395 Independent Study
PHIL 400 Advanced Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 485 Seminar
PHIL 490 Senior Project
PHIL 493 Senior Honors Project
Physical Education
Physical Education Courses
PE 100 Personal Fitness and Wellness
PE 110 Skills Classes
PE 130 Experiential Leadership
PE 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
PE 180 Wellness and Fitness Abroad
PE 185 First-Year Seminar
PE 190 First Aid
PE 221 Lifetime Skills and Activities
PE 224 Principles of Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription
PE 226 Ropes/Challenge Course Programming: Theory and Practice
PE 229 Elementary Physical Education, Health, and Wellness: Methods and Materials
PE 231 Psychological Skills Training
PE 243 Sport and Society
PE 244 Psychology of Coaching
PE 247 Foundations of Physical Education
PE 248 Foundations of Sport Psychology
PE 250 Coaching of Sports
PE 251 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
PE 260 Adaptive Physical Education
PE 261 Applied Human Anatomy
PE 285/295 Directed Study
PE 323 Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning
PE 342 Growth, Development, and Motor Learning
PE 343 Elementary School Physical Education Content, Methods and Assessment I
PE 344 Elementary School Physical Education Content, Methods, and Assessment II
PE 345 Middle/Secondary School Physical Education Content, Methods and Assessment I
PE 346 Middle/Secondary School Physical Education Content, Methods and Assessment II
PE 365 Kinesiology
PE 366 Physiology of Exercise
PE 370 Personal Trainer Practicum
PE 380 Internship
PE 395 Independent Study
PE 456 Administration and Curriculum in Physical Education
PE 485 Seminar
PE 490 Senior Project
PE 493 Senior Honors Project
Physics Courses
PHYS 112 Energy and the Physical World
PHYS 114 Physics of Sound and Musical Acoustics
PHYS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
PHYS 151 General Physics I
PHYS 152 General Physics II
PHYS 181 Classical Physics I
PHYS 182 Classical Physics II
PHYS 185 First-Year Seminar
PHYS 238 Statics
PHYS 281 Modern Physics I
PHYS 282 Modern Physics II
PHYS 285/295 Directed Study
PHYS 311 Advanced Laboratory I
PHYS 312 Advanced Laboratory II
PHYS 352 Mechanics of Materials
PHYS 354 Astrophysics
PHYS 359 Thermal Physics
PHYS 361 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 364 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 369 Numerical Physics
PHYS 380 Internship
PHYS 389 Directed Research
PHYS 395 Independent Study
PHYS 401 Particle and Nuclear Physics
PHYS 411 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 490 Senior Project
PHYS 491 Senior Project
PHYS 493 Senior Honors Project
Political Science
Political Science Courses
POLS 130 American Politics
POLS 132 Global Politics
POLS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
POLS 171 Mock Trial
POLS 185 First-Year Seminar
POLS 237 Politics of the Middle East
POLS 242 Comparative Political Analysis
POLS 243 Law and the Quest for Justice
POLS 247 Social Policy
POLS 252 Politics and Religion
POLS 258 Environmental Politics and Policy
POLS 285/295 Directed Study
POLS 335 Terrorism and Democracy
POLS 350 Economic Policy
POLS 353 Political Parties and Interest Groups
POLS 354 Women, Representation, and Politics
POLS 355 Constitutional Law
POLS 356 Civil Rights and Liberties
POLS 357 Congress and the Presidency
POLS 362 The Sustainability of Political and Economic Development in Latin America
POLS 363 International Relations
POLS 364 United States Foreign Policy
POLS 365 American Political Thought
POLS 366 Political Thought
POLS 367 Political Leadership
POLS 375 Directed Readings
POLS 380 Internship
POLS 389 Directed Research
POLS 395 Independent Study
POLS 485 Seminar
POLS 490 Senior Project
POLS 493 Senior Honors Project
Psychology Courses
PSYC 130 General Psychology
PSYC 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
PSYC 185 First-Year Seminar
PSYC 240 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 241 Psychology of Health and Illness
PSYC 242 Evolutionary Psychology
PSYC 243 Personality and Individual Differences
PSYC 244 Animal Cognition
PSYC 248 Psychology of Religion
PSYC 249 Brain and Behavior
PSYC 270 Psychology and Aging
PSYC 285/295 Directed Study
PSYC 349 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 350 Behavioral Statistics
PSYC 352 Cognitive Processes
PSYC 353 Social Psychology
PSYC 354 Learning and Behavior
PSYC 356 Stress, Coping, and Well-Being
PSYC 358 Psychology of the Workplace
PSYC 380 Internship
PSYC 381 Internship
PSYC 389 Directed Research
PSYC 395 Independent Study
PSYC 465 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 466 Psychological Tests and Measurement
PSYC 468 Introduction to Counseling
PSYC 485 Seminar
PSYC 490 Senior Project
PSYC 493 Senior Honors Project
Religion Courses
REL 101 Introduction to Biblical Studies
REL 111 Introduction to Hebrew Bible Studies
REL 112 Introduction to New Testament Studies
REL 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
REL 185 First-Year Seminar
REL 211 Bible and Christian Faith
REL 212 Sex in Religious Texts
REL 213 Archaeology and the Bible
REL 214 Lost Scriptures
REL 215 Sacred Texts and Religious Diversity
REL 221 History of Christian Thought
REL 222 Religion in America
REL 223 Christianity and Its Modern Critics
REL 227 Luther and Lutheranism
REL 230 Philosophy of Religion
REL 231 Psychology and Religion
REL 232 Christian Theology
REL 233 God and Gender
REL 235 Science and Religion
REL 241 Christian Ethics
REL 242 Dietrich Bonhoeffer
REL 243 Environmental Ethics
REL 250 Living Religions
REL 251 Judaism
REL 256 Islam
REL 257 Contemporary Islamic Movements
REL 261 Religions of South Asia
REL 262 Religions of East Asia
REL 263 Experiencing Mahayana Buddhism
REL 264 Disaster and Enlightenment: Pilgrimages in Japan and China
REL 265 Religious Narratives in Japan: Demons, Sex, and Martial Arts
REL 270 Religious Identity and Interfaith Engagement
REL 285/295 Directed Study
REL 312 The World of the Bible
REL 314 Teaching the Bible
REL 316 Jesus and the Gospels
REL 332 Human Nature and Religion
REL 364 Topics In Asian Religions
REL 370 Theology and Religious Diversity
REL 371 Jesus and Jihad: A New Approach to Comparative Religion
REL 380 Internship
REL 381 Internship
REL 395 Independent Study
REL 485 Seminar
REL 490 Senior Project
REL 493 Senior Honors Project
Russian Studies
Russian Studies Courses
RUS 101, 102 Beginning Russian I, II
RUS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
RUS 185 First-Year Seminar
RUS 201, 202 Intermediate Russian
RUS 241 Russian Culture Through Film
RUS 243 Time of Stalin: Literature and Memoirs
RUS 285/295 Directed Study
RUS 341 Russian Life and Culture
RUS 345 Conversation and Composition
RUS 350 Topics in Russian/Soviet Literature
RUS 375 Directed Readings
RUS 395 Independent Study
RUS 490 Senior Project
RUS 493 Senior Honors Project
Scandinavian Studies
Scandinavian Studies Courses
SCST 101, 102 Elementary Norwegian I, II
SCST 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
SCST 185 First-Year Seminar
SCST 201, 202 Intermediate Norwegian
SCST 250 Topics in Nordic Literature
SCST 251 Topics in Nordic Film
SCST 285/295 Directed Study
SCST 345 Composition, Conversation, and Advanced Grammar
SCST 346 Scandinavian Immigration History
SCST 348 Vikings in History
SCST 352 Scandinavia and the Baltic
SCST 395 Independent Study
SCST 361 Henrik Ibsen
SCST 363 Norway’s Nobel Prize-Winning Authors
SCST 490 Senior Project
SCST 493 Senior Honors Project
Science Courses
SCI 110 Medical Terminology
SCI 111 Physical Science
SCI 112 Energy and the Physical World
SCI 121 Introduction to Astronomy
SCI 123 Introduction to Meteorology
SCI 125 Great Ideas in Natural Science
SCI 127 The Science of Science Fiction
SCI 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
SCI 185 First-Year Seminar
SCI 225 Women in Science
SCI 240 Pathophysiology
SCI 250 Clinical Pharmacology
SCI 340 Science Communication Seminar
Social Work
Social Work Courses
SW 101 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SW 102 Social Work Field Experience
SW 110 Mental Health First Aid
SW 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
SW 185 First-Year Seminar
SW 201 Fundamentals of Social Work Practice I
SW 204 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SW 285/295 Directed Study
SW 301 Social Work Practice II
SW 303 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SW 304 Social Welfare Policies, Programs, and Issues
SW 305 Research Methods for Social Work
SW 395 Independent Study
SW 401 Social Work Practice III
SW 402 Field Instruction in Social Work Practice
SW 403 Professional Seminar
SW 485 Seminar
SW 490 Senior Project
SW 493 Senior Honors Project
Sociology Courses
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
SOC 185 First-Year Seminar
SOC 242 Sociology of Gender
SOC 253 Crime and Deviance
SOC 261 Social Conflict
SOC 273 Crime and Media
SOC 276 Social Theory and Praxis
SOC 283 Sociology of Education
SOC 285/295 Directed Study
SOC 290 Visual Sociology
SOC 301 Research Methodology
SOC 345 Constructs of Race and Racialization
SOC 347 Sociology of the Family
SOC 350 Social Statistics
SOC 351 Gender and Crime
SOC 356 Environmental Sociology
SOC 358 Social Psychology
SOC 380 Internship
SOC 381 Internship
SOC 395 Independent Study
SOC 453 Seminar: Law and Human Rights
SOC 461 Seminar: Contempory Issues of Immigration
SOC 468 Seminar: Gender, Globalization, and Development
SOC 472 Seminar: Social Institutions
SOC 475 Seminar: Social Movements
SOC 490 Senior Project
SOC 493 Senior Honors Project
Spanish Courses
SPAN 101, 102 Elementary Spanish I, II,
SPAN 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
SPAN 185 First-Year Seminar
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 285/295 Directed Study
SPAN 302 Conversation and Listening Comprehension
SPAN 303 Written Expression
SPAN 304 Advanced Grammar and Translation
SPAN 335 Cultural Expressions of the Hispanic World
SPAN 340 Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 341 Spanish for Medical Professionals
SPAN 346 Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
SPAN 350 Practical and Professional Uses of Spanish
SPAN 395 Independent Study
SPAN 450 Seminar in Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture
SPAN 460 Seminar in Latin American Literature and Culture
SPAN 465 Latino Literature of the United States
SPAN 490 Senior Project
SPAN 493 Senior Honors Project
Theatre Courses
THE 100 Production Practicum
THE 102 Creative Processes
THE 103 Art of Illusion: Costuming and Makeup
THE 104 Art of Illusion: Scenery and Properties
THE 105 Acting I: Text in Performance
THE 127 Design I: Visual Principles
THE 130 Theatre Improvisation
THE 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
THE 185 First-Year Seminar
THE 200 Stagecraft Practicum
THE 203 Costume History
THE 204 Lighting Design
THE 205 Acting: Improvisation, Ensemble, and Clown
THE 206 Graphic Design
THE 207 Contemporary Plays
THE 222 Acting: Shakespeare
THE 285/295 Directed Study
THE 300 Production Studio
THE 305 Acting: Special Topics
THE 306 Intermedia Arts
THE 327 Design II: Scenography
THE 351 Theatre History I
THE 352 Theatre History II
THE 360 Directing
THE 380 Internship
THE 389 Directed Research
THE 395 Independent Study
THE 490 Senior Seminar
THE 491 Senior Project
THE 493 Senior Honors Project
Women and Gender Studies
Women and Gender Studies Courses
WGST 130 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
WGST 131 Contact Improvisation
WGST 138 Human Sexuality
WGST 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics
WGST 147 Literature of the African Peoples
WGST 185 First-Year Seminar
WGST 195 Biology of Race and Sex
WGST 212 Sex in Religious Texts
WGST 225 Women in Science
WGST 240 Africana Women's Writing
WGST 242 Sociology of Gender
WGST 243 Time of Stalin: Literature and Memoirs
WGST 245 Literature by Women
WGST 251 African-American Literature
WGST 260 Feminist Philosophy
WGST 270 Psychology and Aging
WGST 285/295 Directed Study
WGST 290 Gender and Women’s History
WGST 320 Women and Gender in the Classical World
WGST 331 Gender and Reproduction
WGST 335 Masculinity in Film
WGST 337 God and Gender
WGST 342 Feminist Rhetorical Theories
WGST 350 Gendered Activism in a Global Context
WGST 351 Gender and Crime
WGST 354 Women, Representation, and Politics
WGST 361 Chaucer and Medieval Literature
WGST 368 Gender in Art
WGST 381 Internship
WGST 395 Independent Study
WGST 468 Seminar: Gender, Globalization, and Development
WGST 485 Seminar: Topics in Women and Gender Studies
WGST 490 Senior Project
WGST 493 Senior Honors Project
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