David Faldet (English department head and program coordinator), Kim Powell (Communication Studies department head and program coordinator)

The interdisciplinary minor in journalism is intended for students of any major who are interested in preparation in nonfiction writing, digital media, or media production. Coupled with majors in the sciences, environmental studies, art, business, or other fields, the journalism minor enables students to specialize as a reporter in their chosen major field.

Training that applies particularly to the work of journalism is to be had in many courses: in the research and writing done in courses in communication studies, English, economics, history, literature, and political science, to name a few; more specific to journalism are internships available in all areas of journalism and communication, and the valuable experience to be gained from working for the campus newspaper, the college news bureau, or the college radio station.

Required for a minor: 21 credit hours, including COMS 133, ENG 211, two semesters of JOUR 100 (practicum), JOUR 380 (minimum 1 credit hour), and any three approved elective courses selected from:

  • ART 118, 206;
  • COMS 247, 258, 348, 358, 463;
  • ENG 210, 213, 231, 314
  • COMS 270, POLS 355, POLS 356 (only one course can be selected from this group)

A student can take no more than two of the elective courses listed above from any one department. With the exception of COMS 133, communication studies majors wishing to minor in Journalism may not apply elective courses to both the major and the minor. English majors wishing to minor in Journalism may not use these courses to fulfill the "writing emphasis" track in English major. Students may not minor in both the English writing minor and the Journalism minor.

Courses such as POLS 130, ECON 130, and MATH 115 are also recommended for those entering the field of journalism, because of the importance of these subjects to understanding of the news.

Journalism Courses

JOUR 100 News Practicum

  • 0 hours

This practicum consists of one full semester of work at either CHIPS or KWLC, as regular staff members. Students will participate fully in the gathering, production, or editing of news stories. Students may use two semesters at CHIPS, or two semesters at KWLC, or a combination of the two, to fulfill the requirement for the Journalism minor.

JOUR 380 Internship

  • 1, 2, or 4 hours

Supervised work experience at an off-campus news organization.