Intermedia Arts

Lisa Lantz (department head)

The intermedia arts major at Luther College respects and acknowledges the art modalities of the past while providing students with skills and capacities to challenge, blur, and in some cases eradicate discipline boundaries. At Luther, the major occurs at the intersections of art, dance, and theatre, and emphasis is balanced among contemporary theory, practice, and production of art.

The intermedia arts major draws on the practices, teaching methodologies, and nomenclatures already established in the history and development of intermedia arts in the art world at large.

The major comprises courses from the department of Visual and Performing Arts. It is designed to build a working foundation, develop focused proficiency, and foster theory, advanced practice, and production.

The intermedia arts student is able to work independently and collaboratively in the pursuit of innovation, transformation, and the as-yet-unknown. The intermedia arts graduate has skills and strategies to engage responsibly with a rapidly changing (art) world, and is ready to pursue graduate studies or contribute creatively to the field.

The major consists of completion of 40 credit hours; senior seminar (490) and senior project (491) or senior honors project (493). The senior project is required, even for those completing a second major.

Required for a major: 40 hours including THE/ART 102, ART 103, 104, DAN 105; IMA 490 and 491; two 4-hour courses with one 200 level or above within one disciplinary focus (Art, Dance, or Theatre) chosen from the course list below; ART 320, ART/DAN/THE 306; plus two additional 4-hour courses at the 300 level or above from at least two different disciplines (Art, Dance, or Theatre), chosen from the course list below. No more than three courses counting for another major or minor may be applied to the intermedia arts major. Writing requirement to be completed with one of following: ART 252, ART 320, DAN 351, or THE 352.

Courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the major must be selected from the following, or approved by the department head:

ART 101 Art Matters

ART 111 Sculpture

ART 205 Art and Technology

ART 211 Intermediate Sculpture

ART 212 Fiber Structures

ART 252 Survey of Western Art II

ART 308 Conceptual Drawing

ART/WGST 368 Gender in Art

ART 384 Studio Projects

DAN/THE 100 Production Practicum

DAN 205 Movement Fundamentals II

DAN 264 Performance Research

DAN 305 Movement Fundamentals III

DAN 351 Dance History

DAN 360 Dance Composition

THE 103 Art of Illusion

THE 104 Art of Illusion

THE 127 Design I: Visual Principles

THE 130 Theatre Improvisation

THE 203 Costume History

THE 204 Lighting Design

THE 205 Acting II

THE 327 Design II: Scenography

THE 352 Theatre History II

THE 360 Directing

ART/DAN/THE 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics

ART/DAN/THE 285/295 Directed Study

ART/DAN/THE 380 Internship

ART/DAN/THE 389 Directed Research

ART/DAN/THE 395 Independent Study

Intermedia synthesis: during the spring semester of each academic year a major will develop a written reflection outlining their progression through the major and then meet with intermedia faculty representatives to discuss their progress in the major and develop possible pathways for future directions leading toward their senior project.