Intermedia Arts Courses

IMA 490 Senior Seminar

2 hours

An intensive, collaborative study of selected theories, artists and works. The course format rests upon student-led discussion. Includes development of an artist's manifesto and senior project proposal. (S, R, W)

IMA 491 Senior Project

2 hours

Students will complete an individualized or collaborative senior project. The project will include a proposal, artist's statement, process documentation, post-project reflection/critique, and will be presented publicly. Students will orally defend their project before the department following the public presentation. Prerequisite: IMA 490 and senior standing. (S, R, W)

IMA 493 Senior Honors Project

4 hours

A yearlong independent research project of interdisciplinary focus. Applications are completed on the Honors Program form available at the registrar's office, requiring the signatures of a faculty supervisors from at least two different disciplines, the department head, the honors program director, and the registrar. The project must be completed by the due date for senior projects. All projects must be presented publicly. Only projects awarded an "A-" or "A" qualify for "department honors" designation. The honors project fulfills the all-college senior project requirement. (S, R, W)