Museum Studies Courses

MUST 120 Introduction to Museums

4 hours

The history of museums, archives, and collections and the nature and variety of museum work in contemporary society. An introduction to museum organization; museological theory and philosophy; concepts of museum exhibition and interpretation. Explores how collections and objects can be used as sources of meaning and information, and how museums and numerous other institutions can be used as educational resources. Workshops with Luther College Collections and Archives staff, as well as case studies at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum and Effigy Mounds National Monument. Offered alternate years.

MUST 185 First-Year Seminar

4 hours

A variety of seminars for first-year students offered each January Term.

MUST 220 Collections Management

4 hours

Addresses specific topics of curatorship and management of collections, including: acquisition practices; legal and ethical issues; collections organization, conservation, and preservation; and data collection, organization, and management. The course will emphasize practices and technology that will ensure the continued potential and relevance of objects in the pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment of science, art, and nature. Offered alternate years.

MUST 380 Internship in Museum Studies

2, 4 hours

Provides students with hands-on experience that stresses the kind of museum work relevant to their major disciplinary field including, but not limited to, research, exhibition, education, collections management, preservation, and administration. The end result being a tangible representation of their experience, whether it be a research document, portfolio, website, exhibit, or other product approved by their internship coordinator. This end product must be exclusively the student's own work. The internship must be completed at a nationally or regionally recognized, reputable museum or cultural institution and is subject to the approval of the program director. Students taking 2 credits must work a minimum of 75 hours and those taking 4 a minimum of 150 hours in the semester. Prerequisites: MUST 120, 220.