International Studies Courses

IS 135 Exploring Britain

4 hours

A yearlong course in which Nottingham students travel to a variety of historical and cultural sites. Trips include approximately six weekend field trips to sites that may include London, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Lake District, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Course work will also include research, reading, presentations and discussion pertaining to each trip.

IS 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics

Credit arr.

IS 185 First-Year Seminar

4 hours

A variety of seminars for first-year students offered each January Term.

IS 230 Introduction to International Studies

4 hours

An introduction to the field of international studies, focusing on global and geographical literacy and using multiple disciplinary approaches to analyze such issues as war and peace, environmental sustainability, economic development, post-Colonialism, world religions, and cultural identity. Prerequisites: at least two of the following: ANTH 101, ECON 130, POLS 132. (Intcl)

IS 285/295 Directed Study

2, 4 hours

An opportunity to pursue individualized or experiential learning with a faculty member, at the sophomore level or above, either within or outside the major. IS 285 can be taken only during January Term. IS 295 can be taken during the fall, spring, or summer terms.

IS 485 International Studies Seminar

4 hours

An advanced-level research and discussion course focusing on global issues as a culmination of the international studies major or minor. Students apply multiple disciplinary perspectives to projects related to their individual IS programs and to the global themes identified in their IS major or minor plan of study. Prerequisite: IS 230 and junior standing. (W)

IS 490 Senior Project

1 hour