Hebrew Courses

HEB 101 Elementary Hebrew I

4 hours

The first course of a two-semester sequence introducing the essential forms, grammar, and vocabulary of the language. Practice gained through graded exercises and readings provides the basis for translating passages drawn from the prose and poetry of the Hebrew Bible. No prerequisite.

HEB 102 Elementary Hebrew II

4 hours

The second course of a two-semester sequence which continues the presentation of basic forms and vocabulary. The course includes translation passages of increasing length and complexity, and more reading is done directly from the Hebrew Bible. Prerequisite: HEB 101.

HEB 201 Intermediate Hebrew

4 hours

Selected books and/or passages from the Hebrew Bible chosen according to student interest with the guidance and approval of the instructor. Prerequisite: HEB 102 or consent of instructor. (HEPT, W)

HEB 375 Directed Readings

1, 2, or 4 hours

Prerequisite: consent of instructor