Craig Mosher(acting department head), Char Kunkel (program director)

Sociologists study human behavior in groups, the interactions between people and the patterned structure of relationships that result. Criminal and deviant behavior, racism, inequality, gender, the environment, and social movements are just a few of the social structures we study. Consequently, the faculty represents a variety of complementary research interests and areas of expertise. This makes available to students both a wide selection of the topical areas within the field and an exposure to differing presuppositions.

Required for a major: SOC 101, 301, 350, and five additional courses in the discipline, one of which must be a 400-level seminar. If a statistics course judged comparable to SOC 350 (ie: PSYC 350) is taken in another department, substitute an additional elective in sociology for SOC 350. Students who contemplate graduate study should participate in research opportunities with the faculty and should complete SOC 276. Writing requirement completed with SOC 301. Students interested in teaching should see education department for secondary education minor requirements.

Required for a minor: SOC 101, 301, and three additional courses, one of which must be a 400-level seminar.

Required for a second teaching area: See Education department for specific requirements. The second teaching area license is offered only in the state of Iowa.