Physical Education

Brian Solberg (department head)

Required Physical Education

A seven-week physical education skills activity (PE 110) and a seven week Fitness and Wellness class (PE 100) are required for graduation. Each is offered for one hour of credit. The skills requirement may also be completed with PE 180. The physical skills requirement (PE 110) will be waived for students who have participated in varsity athletics at Luther for at least two traditional seasons in the same sport. A student may apply a maximum of four credit hours of physical education skills (PE 100 and PE 110 classes) toward the 128 hours required for graduation. Additional classes may be completed, but may not be counted toward the 128 hours. A student may audit skills classes by following the college procedures for auditing. Any student may register for physical education skills classes on a credit/no credit basis.

Subsequent to a medical examination or review of documentation, a student's program in physical education may be modified to follow the limitations suggested by the college physician or disabilities coordinator.

Physical Education Major/Minor

The physical education major is designed to prepare students to serve as professionals in the field of physical education. Our graduates are knowledgeable in physical education and are well prepared to serve as teachers, researchers, or practitioners in physical education. Students may select a teaching or non-teaching major.

Required for a major:

Plan I (teaching): PE 100, PE 110 (dance), PE 110 (selected from the courses titled "racquet sports," "individual and dual sports," or "team sports"), PE 190, 221, 247, 250, 251, 260, 261, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 365, 366, 456, 490. Writing requirement completed with PE 342. See education department for requirements specific to the K–12 physical education teaching minor.

Plan II (exercise physiology): PE 224, 247, 261, 323, 342, 365, 366, 490; BIO 151, 152, 255; CHEM 141 or 151; PHYS 151; one selected from MATH 115, BIO 256, or PSYC 350. Writing requirement completed with PE 342. Recommended electives: BIO 243 and 362.

Required for a minor: PE 100, 190, 247, 261, 342, 366; two selected from PE 224, 248, 250, 251, 260 or PE 323.

Required for second teaching area: See Education department for specific requirements. The second teaching area license is offered only in the state of Iowa.


Required for coaching endorsement (men and women):
PE 190, 250, 251, 261, 342, 366, PAID 450. Recommended: PE 244.