Terry Sparkes (program director)

A full description of scholars program opportunities is included in the Academic Information section at the beginning of this catalog. The following listing includes only curricular offerings. For information see the program director.

The Scholars Program curriculum, Intersections: Seeking the Common Good, provides highly motivated students an opportunity to engage in a series of seminars and colloquia focused on in-depth liberal arts study of the great ideas, issues, and challenges of the human quest for the common good. The Intersections curriculum offers students intellectual depth and connections by emphasizing both historical and cross-disciplinary inquiry into classic questions and texts, shaped in explicit connection to the goal of preparing students to understand, confront, and engage in service to the common good. It emphasizes the value of "intersections"—of people, cultures, approaches, methods—and the challenges of inquiry itself as part of each student's (and citizen's) intellectual journey.

To enroll in Intersections courses beyond the first-year level, students must apply for admission to the Scholars Program. The application process is open to all students. Applications will be evaluated by the Honors Advisory Committee; continuation in the program is contingent on successful progress in the courses. Students who earn a minimum of 16 credit hours, including at least three seminars and at least one research or project-based course/experience, will receive a certificate of Scholars Distinction.