Social Work

Social work is a skilled profession demanding a broad understanding of human behavior and the social and economic forces operating in our society. Fundamental to this work is the challenge of understanding and dealing with issues in human relationships. The student planning to enter social work needs a broad background in liberal arts with a concentration in social sciences and a personality sensitive to the feelings and needs of people. The principal educational objective of the social work program is to prepare students for entry level employment in generalist social work practice, while a secondary objective is to prepare students for graduate (MSW) study. Such employment can be found in mental health and health care, in child welfare and aging, in management and clinical settings, and in local and global humanitarian organizations. Social workers work in hospitals, schools, businesses, nursing homes, public agencies, police departments, prisons, private practices, community and neighborhood organizations, and many other workplaces. They are case managers therapists, community organizers, educators, researchers, advocates, and political activists, working on the frontlines of human needs and behind the scenes to empower individuals and address social problems. Further graduate study at an accredited graduate school of social work prepares a person for other levels of professional social work. The social work program at Luther is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) to grant the B.A. degree with a major in social work.