Library and Information Science

The profession of librarianship focuses on acquiring and preserving the records of society and providing access to all types of resources, print and electronic. Most professional positions require an American Library Association accredited degree from a graduate program in library and/or information science. Entrance requirements for graduate programs vary, though previous library work experience is desirable. Students with strong academic programs and majors from all disciplines are welcome. The breadth and depth of a liberal arts education provide excellent preparation for graduate work in librarianship and/or information science.

Professional opportunities include service in academic, research, public, and school libraries, as well as libraries and information centers in corporations, medical centers, law firms, museums, and archival collections. Computer technology offers additional career opportunities in traditional library settings and elsewhere. Master's and doctoral degrees in other academic disciplines enhance career development opportunities.

Preus Library faculty welcome inquires about graduate programs and the profession. Internships in library and information technology can be independently arranged, and Senior Projects can be done with a faculty advisor from the library and information studies department.