Communication Studies

It is estimated that 75 percent of a person's day is spent communicating in some way. Not only do we spend considerable time communicating, but excellence in communication skills is essential to personal, academic, and professional success. Communication skills are indispensable in almost every aspect of the business world. Knowledge of communication can be beneficial to any career. It is well recognized that communication plays a vital role in the functioning of any governmental, nonprofit, or business organization.

Communication majors enter careers such as public relations, advertising, education, law, the ministry, web design, radio or television production, and journalism. Communication and government/political-related careers include public information officer, speech writer, legislative assistant, campaign director, research specialist, program coordinator, negotiator, lobbyist, press secretary, and elected official. Careers in business and communication include sales representative, executive manager, personnel manager, public information officer, director of corporate communication, customer service representative, copywriter, editor, trainer, human resources specialist, mediator, and buyer.