Scholars Program

The Scholars Program at Luther has the following goals: to challenge intellectually talented students to excel academically, to encourage them to develop a wide-ranging interest in the conversation of ideas and to engage in independent and self-motivated learning, to offer them opportunities to enrich the cultural life of the community, to enable them to become attractive candidates for graduate and professional school and professional employment, and to prepare them for exceptional achievement and service.

The Scholars Program is under the oversight of the Honors Advisory Committee and the Director of College Honors, Terry Sparkes. The Scholars Program consists of the following challenges, opportunities, and distinctions: interconnected series of colloquia, seminars, and research opportunities entitled Intersections: Seeking the Common Good, department honors, Latin honors, research grants, participation in regional and national research conferences such as the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, special advising for national fellowships, department prizes, election to Phi Beta Kappa and to discipline-based national honor societies.