International Management Studies

For students majoring in modern languages or in economics, accounting, or management who have a special interest in aspects of international affairs, Luther offers an opportunity to obtain certification in international management studies. Students must have a C (2.00) average in the courses required for the program.

Students majoring in economics, accounting, or management must complete a minimum of four courses (or the equivalent) in a single foreign language including foreign language 345 (or SPAN 302) and four additional credits numbered 300 or above. It is recommended that students take the course in "business language" of their foreign language.

Students majoring in a language must complete the following courses from the offerings in the department of economics and business: ECON 130 and ECON 362, ACCTG 150, and MGT 360. These are the fundamental courses for students interested in international management. However, those choosing this option may wish to enhance this area of concentration with appropriate course work from related fields such as political science, anthropology, and history. In addition to on-campus offerings, overseas opportunities for studies and internships are available.