Presidentís Office

Kris Agena

M.S. (2004), Clinical Education Coordinator

Amanda Bailey

M.A. (2008), Head Women's Basketball Coach

Caleb Barnes

M.S. (2013), Assistant Football Coach

Maren Beard

B.A. (2010), Sustainable Foods Educator

Michael Blair

M. Div. (1991), Campus Pastor

Jeff Boeke

Ph.D. (2010), Ropes Course Coordinator

Freeda Brook

M.A. (2015), Acquisitions and Resource Management Librarian

Robert Erickson

M.A. (2001), User Services Classroom and Meeting Space Technology Lead

Scott Fjelstul

B.A. (1988), Head Men's Golf Coach

Jennifer Flynn

M.A. (2014), Assistant Athletic Trainer

David Foley

M.A. (2012), Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Molly Ford

B.A. (2015), Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Adam Forsyth

B.A. (1999), Director of Network and Systems

Haylie Franklin

B.S. (2015), Assistant Volleyball Coach

Mark Franzen

M.A. (2006), Head Men's Basketball Coach, Assistant Athletic Director for Research Development

Christopher Garcia-Prats

M.A. (2008), Head Men's Soccer Coach and Director of Athletic Department Marketing and Promotions

James Garcia-Prats

B.A. (2014), Assistant Soccer Coach

Ryan Gjerde

M.A. (2001), Head of Library Operations and Digital Initiatives Librarian

Diane Gossman

B.A. (1992), Director of User Services

Marcia Gullickson

B.S. (1990), Director of Software Development

Aaron Hafner

B.S. (2013), Head Football Coach/Health and Physical Education Instructor

Matt Hammen

B.A. (2008), User Services Workstation Support Systems Administrator

Isaac Hammerly

M.B.L. (2013), Assistant Football Coach/Strength Coach Assistant/Health And Physical Education Instructor

Renae Hartl

M.A. (2001), Director of Intercollegiate Athletics/Head Softball Coach

Payton Haynes

B.A. (2013), Assistant Football Coach, Spring Events Coordinator/Health and Physical Education Instructor

Lance Huber

M.S. (2001), Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach and Health and Physical Education Instructor

Billy Huebner

M.A. (2009), Assistant Wrestling Coach

Matt Hughes

B.A. (2004), Work Station Support Communications Administrator

David Huinker

A.A. (2008), Systems Administrator

Jeremy Ische

M.A. (2014), Assistant Baseball Coach

Hayley Jackson

M.A. (2015), College Archivist

Eric Karius

(2011), Head Women's Golf Coach

Danielle Kohut

M.A. (2011), Head Volleyball Coach

Karen Martin-Schramm

B.A. (1996), Executive Assistant to the President

Paul Mattson

M.S. (2012), Executive Director of Library and Information Services

David Mitchell

M.S. (1995), Head Wrestling Coach

Jesse Mulert

B.A. (2015), Help Desk Lead

Bethany Nicoll

B.A. (2013), Assistant Men's and Women's Swim Coach/Assistant Aquatics Director

Jacob Niedermann

M.S. (2015), Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bryan Nikkel

M.S. (2014), Head Baseball Coach/Director of Athletic Facilities

Jeff O'Gara

B.A. (1996), Equipment Room Manager, Assistant Wrestling Coach

Teri Olson

B.A. (2008), Associate Head Softball Coach

Caleb Padilla

B.A. (2015), Assistant Football Coach-Defense/Spring Events Coordinator

Steve Pasche

M.S. (1999), Head Men's and Women's Cross-Country Coach/Assistant Track-and-Field Coach/Instructor in Health and Physical Education

Yarrow Pasche

B.A. (2006), Assistant Women's Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track Coach

Nathan Porath

B.A. (2012), Programmer Analyst

Robert Puffer

(2003), Web Programmer Analyst

Michael Reiter

B.M. (2013) Keyboard Technician

Zachary Ruot

B.A. (2014), Assistant Soccer Coach

Jean Ryan

B.A. (2002), Programmer Analyst and Database Administrator

Russell Schouweiler

M.A. (2010), Head Women's Soccer Coach

Cameron Schuknecht

M.S. (2014), Assistant Men's Basketball Coach/Legends Center Director

Lane Schwarz

B.A. (2010), Web Programmer Analyst

Larry Sikkink

(1980), Workstation Support Lead

Alex Smith

B.A. (2006), Associate Athletic Director

Steven Smith

M.A. (2008), Web Programmer Analyst

Brian Solberg

M.A. (1992), Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education; Program Director of Athletic Training

Adam Strand

B.A. (2011), Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach

Germano Streese

M.L.I.S. (2005), First Year Experience Librarian

Chris Stuckman

B.A. (1998), Systems Administrator

Amber Suckow

M.S. (2012), Head Athletic Trainer

Vaughn Tackman

B.A. (2013), Assistant Men's and Women's Track and Field Coach

Jeff Wettach

M.A. (1985), Head Men's and Women's Track and Field Coach, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education

Jacki Wright

Ph.D. (1985), Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education