Student Life

Luther College is a community of faith and learning in which creative scholarship, personal growth, worship, and social relationships are interwoven. Students, faculty, and staff work together for the development of the kind of living/learning environment which encourages caring relationships and an understanding of the wholeness of life.

The Student Life Division, as part of this Luther College community of faith and learning, has developed the following mission and vision statements:

Our mission is to empower and support students by promoting responsibility and learning, community and personal well-being, mutual respect, and safety.

Our vision is a resilient, sustainable learning community where students continue their vocational journey through transformational experiences.

In addition to the mission and vision statements, we have outlined our aims related to our work and the principles that guide it.


Our aim is to create an emotionally and physically safe environment where students can succeed in their academic, cocurricular, and social lives.

Our aim is to facilitate the development of culturally competent students by embracing and celebrating different life experiences of our community.

Our aim is to promote authentic and ethical living through our direct work with students.

Our aim is to engage students and ensure that opportunities for learning and reflection occur.

Our aim is to help students discover their personal and collective voices, develop the confidence and capacity to express themselves, and listen to others respectfully.

Our aim is to help students build resilience and life skills.

Guiding Principles:

We continuously seek opportunities to learn and to expand our effectiveness as student life professionals.

We humbly accept our responsibility as educators and seek opportunities to collaborate with campus colleagues and external partners.

We work to be good stewards of college resources.

We believe all students have the capacity to develop effective leadership and life skills and enhance their personal strengths.

We believe faith and wisdom actively inform our practice.

We prepare for the future by reviewing and assessing our work to improve professional practices.

The Student Life website provides information about the services which are provided by the college. All new students receive information about where the student handbook can be found on the Luther website, along with a reference guide to important aspects of that handbook. The handbook explains student governance and leadership, outlines the Student Code of Conduct and associated college regulations, and provides other information helpful to students.